10 Best Players who Played for Seattle Mariners

Published: April 3, 2014

This is a list of the best players who have ever played for the Seattle Mariners. The list includes any player who has played for the team for at least one season and it is based on their performance throughout their career, not only as a member of the Seattle Mariners.

  1. Ken Griffey Jr.

    Arguably, one of the greatest baseball players to ever play in the majors and a great player for the Mariners. He was a huge star in the 1990's and was part of some of the best Mariners teams in history. Unfortunately his career after Seattle was not as productive as his time at the Mariners, but he will be remembered as an all time great.

  2. Alex Rodriguez

    A controversial figure in Baseball and vilified by many, espesicially in Seattle, the city where he began his career and became a star. What is undeniable is that Alex Rodriguez (A-rod) is probably one of the best shortstops in major league history and his offensive numbers are among the greatest ever.

  3. Randy Johnson

    The six foot ten inch pitcher will be remembered as much for his long hair and height as he was for his 100 mph fastball. One of the mariners greatest pitchers and most colorful characters, he will be remembered for throwing a no-hitter as well as for his successes after he left the Mariners.

  4. Ichiro Suzuki

    A Mariners legend and possibly one of the best hitters to ever play baseball. He was part of the 2002 mariners team that set the single season record for wins. He also holds the record for hits in a single season (262). While his career is nearly finished, he will also be remembered as the first Japanese outfield player to win the award for the leagues Most Valueable Player.

  5. Edgar Martinez

    Although he seldom fielded a ball in his career Edgar Martinez will be remembered for being a great hitter and probably the best player ever in the Designated Hitter role. He was able to hit for average, power and in clutch situations when his team needed him and is a Mariner Legend.

  6. Gaylord Perry

    Hall of Famer Gaylord Perry didn't play most of his career at the Mariners, but he did collect his 300th win for Seattle. In fact, Perry was only at the mariners in the twilight of his career, but he was an all time great pitcher and his short stint in Seattle earns him a place on this list. 

  7. Felix Hernandez

    Still in his mid 20's, "King" Felix has already proven his worth as a picture and made a case for his future as a Hall of Famer. The 27-year-old has already been selected for four all-star games, led the league in earned run average, won the Cy Young award for the best pitcher in the league and thrown a perfect game, an exceedingly rare feat in baseball.

  8. Rickey Henderson

    Unmatched for speed, Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson is the leagues all-time leader in stolen bases and in runs scored among other records. He was a member of many teams during his career, but his one season at Seattle was memorable for many Mariners fans. He is also the only outfield player in the Hall of Fame who played in Seattle.

  9. Robinson Cano

    A new addition to the team in 2014, five-time-all-star Robinson Cano, has already put up huge numbers offensively early in his career in addition to being one of the best fielding second basemen. At the Yankees, he was one of the best players in the organization and we can only hope he will do great things for the Mariners.

  10. Jay Buhner

    A great fielder with impressive power and a cannon arm, Jay Buhner was part of the homer happy 1990's Seattle Mariners. He will be remembered for his haircut and "Buhner Buzzcut Nights" at the Kingdome as much as he will be for his Golden Glove Award and for hitting over 40 homeruns in three consecutive seasons.

While the mariners are a relatively young organization in Major League Baseball, some of the greatest players to ever play the game have been lucky enough to play for them. Who can know what the future holds for Mariners baseball, but we can only hope that many more great players will be able to call themselves "Mariners."