The Top 5 Sushi in LA

Published: April 3, 2014

With so many sushi places in LA, it's tough to find ones in the 50+ in the city. Below you can find the top 5 that are spread througout LA.

  1. Sugarfish

    This is by far one of most "True" sushi places in LA. Only serving true "sushi" (no rolls), sashimi, and straight fish. In addition, there’s multiple menu items in which the customer can choose a predetermined menu made by the chef; labeled "Trust me", stating you trust the chef for the choices they've made

  2. Katsu-ya

    While Sugarfish is a sushi place in its own category, this is along the lines of a more "Americanized" and traditional sushi. This place offers amazing sushi rolls and seared tuna dishes, in addition to those more adventurous dishes that many don't like. In addition to being delicious, as well as addictive, Katsu-ya is extremely well priced for the quality and experience it offers.

  3. Izaku-ya

    Part of the Katsu-ya family, this restaurant is katsu-ya with a completely different spin. Larger portions, different vibe; however it is slightly more expensive. Something good for the southern part of LA.

  4. Midori

    Known for its "all you can eat" menu, it is truly all you can eat. They will serve you as much sushi as you can handle within a one hour period; only downside is that they will charge you if you dont finish a roll. Bottom line, if you're hungry and think you'll spend over $100 at a normal sushi restaurant, head here.

  5. Iroha

    Iroha is known for its quiet, sort of hard to find location. It has a peaceful vibe about it. They are known for their hefty rolls with loads of seafood, you can never go wrong with Iroha.

By far Sugarfish and Katsu-ya are the best, but if you're feeling really hungry head to Midori; you can never go wrong with all you can eat sushi.