The Best Restaurants in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Published: April 2, 2014

This list is about some very popular restaurants in Lincoln, Nebraska in no certain order.  These places are generally unique to this town and should be patronized upon your visit for a unique experience.

  1. Valentino's Restaurant

    Valentino's is famous for it's pizza, pasta, and salad buffet.  This unique food includes a beer cheese sauce, a pasta primivera that I love to add extra beer cheese sauce to, cheeseburger pizza with pickles, and a wonderful black and green olive pizza, and many more delightful pizzas, pastas, salads, drinks, and deserts.  Valentino's is so famous here that  they now sell their pasta sauce in local stores.  Occasionally, there is a line but they have accomadated by opening more stores and the small wait is worth it and it doesn't happen all that often just a peak times on peak days.  Father's and Mother's Day being one day there is a lot of traffic due to free buffet for the honored person. 


  2. Runza Restaurant

    Unique to Lincoln, Nebraska this was once a small stop located out at Pioneers Park that the Russian immigrants opened.  They would make this delicious bread roll stuffed with hamburger, cooked cabbage, onions, and cheese.  The Runza has evolved to include swiss cheese and mushrooms or other delicacies as so desired.  It must be said that this warm comfortable combonation is far better tasting then it may sound.  It is a huge comfort on a cold day.  People from here become addicted and when they learn that this restaurant is available only in the midwest they strive to get Runza's shipped to them and are sure to stop by one on their visit driving from hundreds of miles away!  They also serve Miller & Paines famous cinnamon rolls at Runza locations.

  3. Tastee Drive Inn

    This restaurant deserves a mention regardless of it's current status of retired.  It's features are a wonderful loose meat sandwich which I feel is excellent with a little mustard and onion chips with a fantastic uniquely designed whitish sauce.  The atmosphere is an old timey drive thru and it has been a fixture of the town for many decades.  It is retired but probably will be revived in future times.

  4. Misty's Restaurant  Tastee Drive Thru  If you are after a great steak, hunk of beef, or some kind of wonderfully cooked to perfection meat then Misty's is the place to go.  Wonderful ambiance and years of experience have made Misty's one of the finest and elegant steak restaurants around.  Using only the choicest cuts of meat and quality spices and ingredients Misty's cooks your steak to order with perfection!  Misty's is now so popularly you can buy cuts of meat in local stores seasoned with Misty's spices.  Misty's spices may also be purchased at some locations.

  5. Lazlo's Restaurant

    Lazlo's is one of the hottest places in town!  With 2 locations Lazlo's is packed with the best of the best food selection.  From a variety of choice ingredient falafals, southwest cooking, hamburgers, steaks, sandwiches, ribs, select wines and beers, to delicable deserts and more!  The speciality of Lazlo's would have to be their gigantic onion rings!  They look like donuts being about 2-3 inches tall and as big around as a big onion they are breaded to perfection with a delictable batter.  The finished product may be ordered with a garlic sauce or mustard type sauce to dip the onion rings in!  If you go in the afternoon all appetizers are half price!  Anything ordered at Lazlo's is worth the price and quality.  The orders definitely come with an abundance of food and serving size!  You will not be disappointed with whatever it is that you get on the menu!

  6. Amigos/Kings

    Amigos is a southwest cooking establishment with tacos, burritos, salads and the like.  Amigos sports a skinny menu.  The highlight what is left of King's Restaurant now resides at Amigos.  The specialty here is the cheese frenchee which is like a grilled cheese sandwich dipped in batter and deep fried to golden perfection served with pickle on the side!  King's also bosts a meaty hamburger, fries, cherry cola, sundaes and the like.  It was an older fifties type place now sharing with Amigos to offer many delicious choices.  This place also serves some good coffee and espressos. 

Lincoln, Nebraska residents seem to think Lazlo's is the best choice restaurant.  Perhaps that is because of the wide amount of choices and best buy for the money.  It could also be attributed to its wonderful ambiance and low-key kicked back by the fireplace atmosphere.  It really is a treat to explore any of these restaurants on this list and try their specialities!