The Best Parks for kids in the Walnut Creek Area.

Published: April 1, 2014

Most parents in the Walnut Creek area are looking for great parks to bring their kids. This list contains some of the best parks in the Walnut Creek area. The parks range from busy, downtown parks to the more quiet, neighborhood parks. The attributes that were used in judging were kid-friendliness, condition of the play structures and parking accessibility. 

  1. Civic Park

    This great park is number one because it offers so many things. It is located near the downtown of Walnut Creek with access to the Walnut Creek library. This park includes easy parking and great structues for a range of different ages. Kids love the sand area that is compete with a water feature. The red train is also a big hit with kids. 

  2. Arbolado Park

    This park is number two because of its large size and many amenities. This park is located on the outskirts of Walnut Creek, but has beautiful views of Mt. Diablo. The park includes two large play areas, one for larger kids and one for smaller kids. Kids enjoy all the different options for play structures and the diggers in the sand area. There is also a great field used for soccer and other sports. 

  3. Larkey Park

    This park is number three due to the great green space. Kids love to run up and down the hills surrounding the park. Structures are new and in great condition. Picnic tables and grills are plentiful which makes it great for bringing lunch or a snack. However, parking can be difficult due to the competing swim facility using the same lot.

  4. Diablo Shadows

    This park is number four because it is a lovely neighborhood park. The park is rather small, but has an open green area. The park is very clean, and the structure is fairly new. Kids love explore the canal that runs along the park. This is a great park for parents looking for a more quiet park. The park only has street parking.

  5. Walden Park

    This park is number five for its proximity to dowtown and access to the Iron Horse trail. This is also a smaller neighborhood park even though it is located on a main road. Kids love the paved trails around the park and the play structures. This park seems geared towards younger children. The parking lot is quite small and fills quickly. 

The city of Walnut Creek has many parks for kids to experience the beautiful weather. Whether it be for a playgroup or just to get out the house, Civic park offers many great attributes to a parent with one child or many. It is quite popular among kids due to its great structures that include the red train and rock climbing structures. But one can't go wrong with any of the others listed.