Best Fast Food in Manchester CT

Published: April 1, 2014

This is a list of the best fast food spots in manchester Ct. I based this list off of cost efficency, quality of food, and convenience.

  1. McDonalds

    McDonalds is an american staple. It has the popular dollar menu items and in the 06040 there is one open 24hrs near the court house.

  2. TacoBell

    Taco bell is a strong standing number two and it offers many items during special hours for under $3

  3. Burger King

    Burger King is only in the number 3 spot because it would be unfair for a burger  and fry company to monopolize this list. They are aslo open late hour in Manchester. There is also a new 2 for $5 menu worth chekin out

This is definately a great way to make a hungry stomach feel better for a affordable price