Things to do when you feel depressed

Published: November 11, 2013

Everybody can feel depressed at some point in their life, but the most important thing is to know what to do so you can feel happier sooner. The first thing to do is to find out why you are depressed, and then you can do some activities to improve your mood, such as walking, and talking with friends.

  1. Find out why you feel depressed

    If you don't know why you feel down, start thinking about what changed in your life lately. It could be that you lost your job, you had an argument with someone, your friend made a rude comment about you, etc. A lot of times, you might realize that something didn’t seem to bother you when it happened, but later on when you think about it, it actually did. So take time thinking about your interactions with people lately and any changes that might have happen in your life. You’ll be surprised about the number of things that can make a person sad without realizing it.

  2. Go for a walk

    When you go for a walk try to clear your mind, enjoy life around you, look at the sky, enjoy the architecture, smell the flowers, smile to people passing you by. Actively walking, not just mindlessly going from place to place can bring you a lot of enjoyment, and you might see beautiful things that maybe you never notice before. And the act of walking or doing exercise can really improve the brain functions that regulate mood.

  3. Talk to a good friend

    Just talking to a friend can help you figure out why you feel down, and help you come up with solutions to your problem. Listening to your friend can also make you feel better, specially if it is an old friend you haven’t talk to in years. Reconnecting with friends can be a very positive experience for both of you. 

But the list doesn’t stop there. There are a lot of things you can do to improve your mood such as improving your diet, reading, working on a hobby, or doing things for other people. And if you have an artistic side, keep in mind that some famous artists have done their best work while they are depressed. But if you have been depressed for days and nothing seems to cheer you up, you should consider talking to a professional about it, so they can help you get better.