The Best Painters in Nashville

Published: March 31, 2014

Crumbling paint, loose nails and plaster, cracked walls, rot and stains are dilemmas faced by us all sometimes when residing in older homes, for many years in one place, after natural disasters and sometimes when the quality of the latest refurbishment was under par. Rather than man handle all of this by yourself, call an expert for the job.

  1. The House Painters

    The House Painters paint everything from walls to furniture, even office furniture. On the outside, The House Painters do exterior surfaces, stain or paint railings or fences or decks and touch up whatever needs to be touched up. They also paint ceilings, moldings and floors. They are award winning with Nashville natives having won the 2012 Readers' Poll from the Nashville Scene. Even if you own a business like a restaurant or some other business, they are prepared to paint what you need to be painted. Their phone number to reach is 1-615-815-0009.


  2. O'Hanlon Painting and Drywall

    At O'Hanlon you can get creative, Mr. O'Hanlon takes pride in his creative talents with paint and color usage. Years of experience have instilled a keen eye for what will look great on you and your property. Mr. O'Hanlon excels in drywall services also, plus, he can handsomely remove popcorn ceilings that you need replaced, repaired or renovated. This painter does decorative concrete and even mural paints, you can view his murals on his website. O'Hanlon also offers pressure washing and seals stained surfaces.

  3. Sharpton Painting

    Sharpton Painting has full accreditation from the BBB with an A+ score. Focusing on all painting tasks, and excluding all other trades, Sharpton expects to be the best painter around. Each painter on the force is hired and paid by the hour and each painter works exclusively for Sharpton. Kevin Sharpton, managing CEO, wants all of his customers to be satisfied so he never practices subcontracting within his business. 

    The phone number for Sharpton's is 1-615-582-0076.

  4. Boulton Enterprises

    Boulten Enterprises paints commercially and residentially. The company possesses several certifications and one award which was in 2011 for Best Subcontractor of the Year. Boulten Enterprises maintains its minority status for being a woman proprietor who is also black together with her husband as a team. They have worked around town for the local Vanderbilt University, library, St. Andrews Lutheran Church, for schools and also have painted signs, they enjoy repeat business contracts with these establishments.

  5. William R. Allen & Son

    Customized paint, wood repairs, wallpaper stripping and deck staining are some of the standard chores that need to be done occasionally to upkeep any home. William R. Allen & Son is a family of three generations who have handed down their knowledge from one generation to the next. Wyatt and Eddie Allen are recognized for their courteous service and neatness on the job. The phone number at William R. Allen & Son is 1-615-973-5019.

When you are from Nashville you won't have to look any further for a great painting contractor to touch up you peeling paint or help you finish off your new home. If you own a business these professionals will usually paint everything you need painted also. Everyone on this list will paint both residentially and commercially for you at competitive rates. It is very hard to choose a best from the excellent painting services above, for variety's sake, it is going to be O'Hanlon for his willingness to paint any and everything even creating art murals for you such as Van Gogh, Monet or Frida Kahlo might create.