The Best Landscapers in Nashville, Tennessee

Published: March 31, 2014

When you need help mowing, or if you need shrubs planted or trimmed, or if you need cement poured or stones placed, you need landscaping services. Landscapers usually offer several more services as well. You might want sprinklers installed, outdoor lighting installed or grass planted. You might want your grass or shrubs or other plants fertilized or sprayed with pesticide. Whatever you want a professional landscaper will lay it on the line what he can do and what it will cost you. 

  1. Incredible Lawn Service

    Incredible Lawn Service mows, trims, maintains and designs mowing patterns for your lawn. Lawn patterns are chosen by you as you decide whether you want your grass cut in straight rows, in circular rows, at an angle or whatever you like. Incredible Lawn Service knows how to install sprinkler systems for dry areas in your yard or lawn. They also install sod. They are open from Monday through Saturday for from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. with phone number 1-615-495-4294.


  2. Bilbrey

    Bilbrey Landscaping of Nashville is owned by Rick Bilbrey. Rick has a team of landscapers to help you beautify your property through proper and adequate maintenance and updates. From landscape design to yard mowing Rick's team of workers do a good job and never leave a mess behind them. You can depend on this landscaper to meet your expectations. Rick's team of workers also take care of scheduled lawn mowing and other regular yard maintenance. You can schedule regular services from Bilbrey Landscaping for weekly, every ten days or every fourteen days. Bilbrey also plants flowerbeds for you.

    Call 1-615-944-4751 ti speak to Rick Bilbrey about your yard and its care.

  3. Landscape Solutions of Nashville

    Some of the popular ideas you may be hoping to try out to make the most of your property, such as sod, raised gardens, rain gardens or sustainable landscaping are found when you trust in Landscape Solutions of Nashville, Tennessee. Four experienced men man the fort, each of them have a lust for landscaping and for sustainability. One of their goals is to maintain your property in such the way as to restore its wildlife habitat. This may be the solution you are hoping for when it comes to landscaping and lawn care.

    The phone number for Landscape Solutions is: 1-615-852-5009.


  4. OMD Lawncare

    Try OMD Lawncare for landscape design, debris removal, mulching, trimming, fencing and general lawn care. They can remove anything in your yard you want to be rid of from plants to trees and they can guide you into creating an artwork out of your yard. OMD can shape your shrubs either those you already have or new ones. OMD offers beautiful hand made wooden fences as well as metal type fences, they do all of their own installation with this too.

    Their phone number is: 1-615-775-1948.

  5. The Kore

    The Kore has enabled itself to install even complex landscapes by seeking out the most highly trained and experience workers in the business. The staff is trained to design landscaping for new site development as well as for established businesses or for your home. They can install irrigation, outdoor lighting and redesign your existing landscape, even re-using your favorite parts in the new theme. You will like working with The Kore to achieve your dream result. The Kore practices sustainable landscaping techniques. The phone number fot The Kore is: 1-615-332-7932.

Let a landscaper fix  your yard for you at least one time. You will really be able to tell a difference. Those who sport the best groomed homes most likely have invested in an expert landscaping service of some kind, this is the only way to achieve the best results. I like Incredible Lawn Service Best because they will trim your grass in a specific alignment and they do a good job when they do this.