The Best of Restaurants

Published: March 31, 2014

This list is about the best restaurants in the area in my opinion. My family, myself, and my friends love these places! Everyone should try these places at least once if they are in the area.  There probably are more great restaurants out there but these are the best of that I have been to. 

  1. Red Robin

    HUGE VARIETY OF YUMMY FOOD! I love this place! The atmosphere, the absolutley delicious food and the drinks! I can not get enough! SO GOOD! The prices are reasonable also!

    The quality of their food, their pricing, and the atmosphere definatley set them apart from other restaurants. You can watch the game here also!

  2. Red Lobster

    They have a friendly atmosphere, amazing food and their food is fresh!

    They have a variety of food selections, appetizers and drinks.  The quality of the food is wonderful.  The presentation of the food on the plate makes it even more appetizing and mouth watering.  This restaurant is great for family get togethers, before proms and such.

  3. CiCi's Pizza

    Good bang for your buck, yummy food, family environment, and a variety of pizza and sides! Great for a family night out, invite friends and kids parties and ect. This is a buffet style pizzaria restaurant.  The customer service is good, so don't be afraid to ask them for help.

  4. PHO Oceanside

    I love the food here, pricing is good for food quality! love the drinks especially the Thai tea with boba! Calm environment! Great for dates and or family night out! Try new things here don't be afraid of something you don't recognise.  The boba adds fun to your drink, and sweetens too.

  5. Sushi Hut

    Good Bang for your buck, the food is delicious, the sushi rolls are creative.  The environment is friendly, and the customer service is good. Variety of sushi, this is a buffet style shushi bar.  This is a great place for before work, after work to get with friends and family.

My absolute favorite restaurant is Red Robin! I just love the food, it's the best and it's cheap for the quality.  I love that I can unwind there and have a few drinks and eat delicious food.  I have brought friends and family here several times and they love it too.