Seattle's Best Kept Restaurant Secrets

Published: March 30, 2014

Seattle has hidden gems everywhere especially in regards to food.  I'd like to tell you about some of my favorite gems that are not as well known.  This list is in no particular order because the restaurants are hard to compare to eachother because they are so different.  These are places that I love to go to! They are unique and have great vibes.

5. Paseo Caribbean restaurant,‎

  1. Toyoda Sushi in Lake City

    Toyoda Sushi is family owned and when you go there frequently you slowly become a part of that family. The walls are filled with Christmas cards from patrons and photos.  It is easy to see and feel the love that fills the atmostphere of the tiny and alwasy packed restaurant.

    I love sitting at the sushi bar!  One time the sushi chef saw the amount of wasabi that I use so he cut up an entire jalapeno and gave it to me to eat with one of my rolls. It was delicious. 

    To top of the home atmosphere and the love that my sushi is given, it also tastes fantastic. The best California roll I have ever had is from here... but I love the variety of rolls they have as well. The have some interesting traditional rolls for instance one made with burdock root and another made with mountain potato.

    They do not have a ewbsite but here is their UrbanSpoon,

  2. The Original Pancake House in the Ballard area

    The only thing this place doesn't have is grits.  Sorry Southerners.  The OPH is serisouly the greatest breakfast place I have ever gone too. 

    Here's why:

    Fresh Sqeezed orange juice, the best and biggest omelettes (not a 12 egg like Beth's but close)

    They have huge portions of everything and decent prices. They have delicious pancakes. They have fantastic syrup, it tastes slightly alcoholic. The hashbrowns, the breakfast potatoes and corned beef are all home made.  The bowls of fruit are so fresh. I'm pretty sure that they cut the apples right before bringing it to the table.  Everything I have had is delicious.

    The place is always packed. Be prepared.  It is worth the wait and the drive. It is the best place for breakfast in Seattle. It is not greasy like Beth's Cafe. Don't get me wrong, I love Beth's but seriously this is the place to go!

    I forgot to mention the menu is huge.

  3. The Honey Hole on Capitol Hill

    The Honey Hole is a sandwich shop on the hill. It is cozy and dark. It has a nice ambiance for a date. The art on the walls in interesting and unique as is the music.

    It is not the typical sandwich shop. The Buford T. Justic and The Dude are my favorite sandwiches.

  4. Skillet Diner

    Skillet has street food but they also have a permanent restaurant on Capitol Hill and Ballard.

    In my opinion, Skillet has the best milkshakes in the city.  I'm open to suggestions but I don't think I can be won over on this one. Another noteworthy deliciousness, the FRIED CHICKEN. Honey splashes in your mouth and fills your belly. It is a big portion.  Did I forget the burgers? Yes I did. Let me tell you about "The Burger".  "The Burger" has bacon jam, arugula, creamy blue cheese.

    Bacon jam?

    Yes, bacon jam. Enough talking. Go try it.


    **the change the menu seasonally**

  5. Paseo Caribbean Restaurant

    Paseo is so amazing it was premiered on a TV show.  This place has long lines but it is worth it for the pulled pork sandwich.  The worst part is that it is not the easiet place to get to if you don't have a car. 

    Find a friend head there on a sunny day and enjoy this little taste of Pork heaven. Enjoy it for me because I am pork intolerant so I can't eat this everyday even though I totally want to.

  6. The Unicorn

    The Unicorn is actually a bar. However they have really good carnival food which is the only reason I go there. I can't get over the deep fried oreos and deep fried snickers bars.  The decorations amus me but the ambience (the people) usually annoy me.  I'd suggest going with some friends and having a few of the uniquely named drop shots because everyone needs an energy drink mixed with there cupcake flavored vodka. YUM!

  7. Ayutthaya Thai

    Ayutthaya is always good and they recently remodeled!  There are so many Thai restaurants in Seattle but this is one that I have come back to on many occasions.  Everything is always fresh and the staff are very friendly. The place is usually quiet and I enjoy have the chance to just sit and relax with out hearing a bunch of chatter.

    A perk of this Thai restaurant is the strawberry fried icecream.  It is like an ice cream doughnut.

  8. Samurai Noodle

    Do you love Ramen? 

    Do you want to experience authentic ramen instead of that Top Ramen mess?

    My favorite bowl is the Tampopo.

    You can watch them make the noodles if you go at the right time.  You can buy a bag to take home as well. I really like the mochi that they have.

  9. Pagliacci Pizza

    I love the chicken pesto pizza.  I think I special order it with the chicken.

    The reason I like this pizza is because it is not as greasy as other pizza places. It has an urban freshness. It is a pizza of sophistication.  It doesn't fit the styles of New York pizza or Chicago pizza. It is something else. A unique pizza.

  10. Hot Mama's Pizza

    Hot Mama's is as close to New York style pizza that you can get in Seattle. If you like the greasy and cheesy flavors of NYC then head to Hot Mama's. 

    I'm a big believer in the power of pesto. They have a pesto pizza that is fantastic.  They sell whole pizzas and by the slice.

The Seattle restaurant horizon is always changing and I am always finding new places I enjoy but these 10 are the ones that stay in my radar and consistently delicious. I honestly can't pick a favorite between all those listed. These are my favorites from each style of food.  So if you want to go to my favorite sushi restaurant go to Toyoda Sushi. The same applies to all the others.