Three Quickest, Best, Easiest Ways to Create a New Look for Your Home

Published: March 29, 2014

When you are bored, depressed or even suffer a cut in pay you may need to stay home more. As you stay home more, you could possilbly find that you don't really like your living conditions mostly because the same old decorating theme is getting dated and dull looking. In these situations you may be able to redecorate on a shoestring by choosing from some decorating tricks used by professional remodelers. Some of these are described below.

  1. Antiquing Trim

    You probably have several rooms in your home that are finished with baseboards, molding and other trim. This trim is often in wood or some derivative of wood, if it is in a plastic or rubber or metal you may have to alter the base paint for antiqueing it, irregardless, antiquing is a fast and fairly inexpensive way to give lift to a room in a few hours time. There are so many color options when you choose to antique something. Remember you add a darker stain to a base enamel that has dried to the base might be a light to medium shade. Look around and find a shade that suits you. Both enamel and stain are about $8 to $12 a quart which might do a room for you.

  2. Antique an Item of Furniture

    Another choice is to antique an item of furniture, a chest, an end table, a bed frame or maybe a kitchen island which you could actually create from an old table or chest if you have room. Much like before you will have a layer of enamel that you stain over with a stain after the enamel has dried. You will choose the enamel in a lighter color than the stain. In addition to paint you will need some good paint brushes for the stain. For the enamel you can use sponge brushes, sponge brushes move along rather quickly and I believe use less of the paint.

  3. Wallpaper

    Wallpaper is much easier to hang than people or circumstances might lead you to believe. It is also quite quick to do, for instance, an afternoon should be enough time to do a room or part of a room. Yes, you could wallpaper just one or two walls, a quite attractive choice actually and this idea takes less wallpaper. Wallpaper is readily available at places like Home Depot. To find out how much you need multiply the height of the wall by the width. Measure each wall you want the paper on and add these measurements together, get a few more feet than this measurement. Such as 10' by 8' is 80 sq. feet, plus 5' by 8' is 40 sq. and added together you have 120 square feet for a hallway or maybe a bathroom. This would be one of the short walls and one of the long walls, and is a cute look.


You will need plenty of masking tape for the antiquing, which shouldn't be over $4 without too much trouble for the projects listed above. Be sure to get a medium to wide width of the masking or painters' tape so you won't mess up surrounding areas. The wallpaper is the most time consuming of the above choices, so not the best and easiest choice, due to having to select a wallpaper. So, the best redecorating idea from the above list is the second one or the antiquing of a sole item of furniture. Try it you will love the results.