Best Coney Islands

Published: March 29, 2014

Coney Islands are a huge part of Michigan culture, especially in Metro Detroit. I've been to almost all of them and know the best, and the worst. I look for good quality of food, service, and most of all price when judging a coney.

  1. Eddies Coney Island, 7/10

    The waitresses are hit or miss, but he food is where the restarant makes a name for itself. Come in the morning and get an omlette the size of a small child for just under 7$ and have it come with toast, hash browns, and your choice of toppigns. If you're more of a night owl you're in luck! Eddies is open 24 hours!

  2. National Coney Island, 9/10

    A bigger chain of Coney Islands, for a reason. Their service, food, and price are unbeatable. Best coney dog you'll try that doesn't hit or miss across the chain. And you can rest assured that if you want desert, you will find something in their pie cooler to hit your sweet tooth.

  3. Backyard Coney, 4/10

    If you have no where else to go, and just uner 5$ but are starving there aren't many places you can go. Backyard coney is the place for you, with very decent pricing and above passable tasting food you can fill up and roll out without having to worry about breaking your budget, just don't forget to tip!

If you're new to michigan and haven't expierenced a big part of Metro Detroit culture, make sure you add this to your list.