The Best Applications for iOS, paid and free.

Published: March 27, 2014

In this list, I nominate some of my favorite applications that I have tested from the Apple App Store. There is a wide variation of the types of applications--from fun games, to productive note-taking apps--there should be something to suit your needs in this list! 

  1. Smash Hit

    A current hit from the App Store, this physics-filled game will really test your reflex skills as random glass barriers pop out of nowhere. The concept is simple: you obtain balls to throw at glass particles, and try to avoid crashing. Once you run out of balls, the game is over. The game has check-points, and beautiful transitions in between levels that makes it flawless and fun for any age.

  2. Notability

    If you're an avid note-taker like me, whether it be for a college class or an important meeting, or even just writing down your favorite recipe, you'll find Notability very useful. It comes with an audio-recording option, as well as a variety of themes, paper styles, and fonts, to ensure that the app will keep up with your creativity. Find out more about the app at

  3. 8tracks

    Music! Isn't that the latest craze? With ad-filled apps like Spotify or Rdio, 8tracks is very refreshing because there are no ads. This music streaming app allows its users to listen to playlists that are handcrafted by other internet users around the world and also allow them to search through a plethora of playlists by keywords such as "happy" + "indie" or "rock" + "workout". With such a selection, you'll find a playlist suited for you!

  4. Lollipop 3 (Eggs of Doom)

    This colorful game has cute cats and eggs, but provides a very interesting challenge throughout every level. You are given a dirty lollipop, and you make it shiny through clicking on different levels and completing it. As eggs fall from the sky, your fingers will provide them warmth and hatch them before they fall and die. 

  5. Paper by fiftythree

    For those of you who like to sketch for fun, or even professionally, this fluid app is for you. With seamless page turning, the ability to customize your notebooks, and a mixing of color options, you won't ever need to bring out a watercolor palette and paintbrush again! This app will allow your creative juices to flow, without the added mess of a real painting.

Although I provided a lot of options on this list, I would still highly recommend giving Smash Hit a try. It's currently on the top of the Top Free list on the Apple App Store, and for a good reason. Whether you want to spend your day playing it, or simply need a quick break in between whatever it is you're doing, Smash Hit will provide that for you.