Best Dance Night Clubs in Paducah, Kentucky

Published: March 26, 2014

If you like going out and hearing live music or even DJ and prefer the chance to dance, you are in luck when you hit Paducah's night life scene. More than one establishment entertain nice quarters and dancing for their customers, ususally with snacks and always beverages and cocktails are available.

  1. The Groove

    The Paducah Night Club, The Groove is found at 2223 Bridge St. right past Walmart southside off of Hwy. US 62, a.k.a. Irvin Cobb Drive, entering Paducah from Exit 11 if using I-24 keeping to Husband Rd. and Ky. 9004 or Exit 16 and entering Hwy. US 68 to US 62. Real DJs and plenty of dancing room, pool tables and a bartender service give you a true club experience.

  2. J J's Lounge

    J J's Lounge is on Clark's River Road, Hwy. US 62 at 3535 Clark's River Road. They are open midday until the wee hours and you can call them at 1-270-444-0793 if you want to know more. Drinks are your call, such as you could ask for Margarita, beer, Manhattan or Mimosa or whatever. J J's Lounge is a Paducah Nightclub following the tradition of Paducah night clubs with cocktails, seating, people, bartender, waitresses and socialinzing potential is in the nightclub vicinity of the town. They are closed Sundays.

  3. Fat Moe's

    At Fat Moe's you have atmosphere, juke box music, food and people. Tis is a bar and restaurant a lot of people hit for lunch, but I'm putting it into clubs because a lot of people like to limber up during the day and the decor and music are fun. Fat Moe's is at 902 Broadway. Celebrations and live entertainment are frequent occurences at Fat Moe's.

  4. The Island

    The Island at Highway US 60, US 45 and Joe Clifton Drive is a bar/nightclub, near the north side of town, near Western Baptist Hospital. DJ music and great finger licking food is a promise and you will be in the heart of Paducah, near the mall, near K-Mart, near shopping plazas and so on. The address is 727 Joe Clifton Drive.


  5. K C's Rec Room

    Late hours, open until 3 a.m., a good location, 3501 Park Plaza Road, and a bartender to serve you give you a good time on your time off. There are a juke box, dart games, cornhole games, pool tables and a friendly crowd that never leaves you abandoned or left out. They serve drinks and are busiest on the weekends. The phone number is 270-472-8223 if you want to find out any more details. This is on the north side of town, only about a mile from the Kentucky Oaks Mall.

You probably deserve a place to go out. If you live in the area, you probably would like some recommendations or directions to venues of entertainment that have been sampled by veteran night-lifers. Above you see some places in Paducah, Kentucky, the area's main squeeze for club's and nightlife available to the general public, that are popular with the people who live in the area. The best club for hot dancing is The Groove. If party and friends are your favorite desire, you might love the late hours at K C's Rec Room. Since the places are within close proximity there is nothing stopping you from visiting more than one of them in an evening.