10 Best San Diego, CA. - Gaslamp District Nightclubs

Published: March 26, 2014

For anyone new to the San Diego area and looking for lively nighttime entertainment, the Gaslamp district of San Diego, CA. should be a must-do for anyone in town for the weekend or planning to relocate. It consist of an array of nightclubs, sports or dive bars and mulitple entertainment options that will be guaranteed to suit anyone's particular taste. The following top-ten list, describes the best nightlife options in San Diego's Gaslamp district:

  1. Stingaree

    Stingaree tops the list for one reason: Glamour. Its ambiance rivals some of the top establishments in South Beach, Florida. Stingaree contains four dance areas on three different levels and a rooftop deck that lets you appreciate San Diego’s accommodating, year-round pleasant weather. The cover is usually $20 but you are encouraged to get on the guest list the day before. The music ranges from top 20 to popular house music and you can also expect to hear the latest rap as well. The dress code is upscale or stylish (not baggy attire) for men while most women are draped in skin-tight dresses and high heels.



  2. Fluxx

    A close second place to Stingaree for its prestige, Fluxx may have the best party environment for anyone not planning to drive after the party or go to work the next morning while still providing an upscale feeling. The large party area has a sunk-in, dance floor that allows you to mingle around the bar, or let loose to the wide variety of top 20, pop or house music. You will be amazed by the lighting effects as it may appear to be blinding at first but definitely aides in fulfilling your complete nightclub experience. Expect to pay $20 for cover and Sunday’s will sometime host a major artist.







  3. Barleymash

    No one is ever excited about paying a cover charge. Barleymash is the best, cover-free, relaxed dress environment in the entire Gaslamp District. Seven days a week, this place will usually afford you some form of entertainment. Don’t be surprised to experience a Saturday night club environment mid-week.  Drinks are relatively cheap and though the venue is large, it gets crowded fast, so get there early.






  4. Sidebar

    Providing any partygoer with the best combination of flair and fun, this venue is great for groups that have a wide variety of taste. It’s not too upscale and it’s intimate enough to where you shouldn’t have problems locating your group after a long night of entertainment. This crowd tends to be dressed rather attractive so your casual shopping or beach duds may get you turned around at the door.




  5. Onyx

    This club can easily be a respectable top three choice in the Gaslamp District. The DJ runs the show and will crank out tunes and interact with the crowd as his table is situated at the very front. Though not much elbow room on the inside, it rivals your typical college ave, club that will have you jumping until the lights come on. Don’t let the line outside discourage you as this location is situated in the best place to check-out all the Gaslamp patrons, bar-hopping up and down the street.



  6. 207 (Hard Rock Hotel)

    Besides being Halloween headquarters, this venue is situated at the tip of the Gaslamp District. Not only does it boast a wide variety of music but you will never have a long walk to your room if you choose to do an all-in-one bachelor/bachelorette party, dining and social experience. A hotel room reservation will usually give you free admission to club 207 during the weekend.  The rooftop pool will host a great pool party all Sunday afternoon so be prepared to have an extended weekend.




  7. Whiskey Girl

    This club compares closely to Barleymash if you’re in the mood for an inexpensive, full-throttle night worth of entertainment. The large dance area stay’s crowded for the duration of the night while still being in close proximity to the bar. A smaller, adjacent room has it’s own bar if you and your group need escape to a table for drinks or just to catch your breath. Weekdays usually provide a live band.




  8. Double Duece

    In need of a country music fix? This venue will definitely satisfy you and provide a relative variety of rock, oldies and contemporary music.  Don’t expect to see a crowd donning Cowboy hats and boots. You will probably feel more like you’re at a popular college spot and will fit right in regardless of your attire. If you plan to ride the bull, make sure to do so before the alcohol consumption begins.




  9. Malone's Tavern


    Arguably the best combination in the Gaslamp for partying, price, size location and thrills. This venue resembles an oversized Irish sports bar, but you’ll have plenty of fellow patrons to socialize with, share a couple of beers or groove in a very relaxed atmosphere. This will be a great place to either begin your night or hang out if you are budget-crunched but in search of a great evening.


  10. Henry's Pub

    Don’t be fooled by its ranking on this list. Henry’s Pub is a popular spot to watch a fight, sing karaoke or pregame and be entertained by a friendly and casual crowd. If you are in the mood to dance, the small dance floor will probably not accommodate your entire bachelor or bachelorette party but feel free to request your favorite music selection to the DJ. If you don’t do long lines, this venue is a must.




Remember, you will be hard-pressed to attend all these clubs in one weekend. The Gaslamp District nightlife will even offer enough options that didn’t make this list to tantalize anyone’s taste. So gather your crew, make a gameplan and be ready to have your party-going urges quenched for the entire evening.