The Best Current Information Finding Apps on the Web

Published: March 25, 2014

News is often a free service for all of us no matter what country we live in. Some of it is, although, more in depth. When you are a  user of web services, you can browse up information in addition to the news being reported. News reports usually include some interesting news clips or community event reports plus some world highlight news. When you love news, information and just facts you may not be able to get enough to suit yourself without digging deeper. Below are gadgets, apps and tools that open up portholes for you.

  1. Pill Finder Tool

    I think this is a super tool. You find most any pill left in the back of your handbag or cabinet with this web app: Enter information such as color, shape, lettering on the pill or capsule and get a resulting list of images and drug names. This tool includes generic and brand name medications.

    oxycontin 10 mg.

  2. Web MD on Mobile

    Web MD on Mobile is available at: You can view it on your PC as well by going to the address above. It is filled with helpful information from exercises that you love to know about to topics of interest like 'panic attacks' or the 'science of love' or 'sinus headache.' There are also interesting 'top pick' articles and sections that include the most recent national or regional news that includes a health topic, slideshows and the most popular searches for their site. There are really cool sections on dining out and by entering your location you can get the instant daily health forecast for your location including grass, ragweed or mold allergies and weather condition triggers for colds or arthritis. 

  3. World Development Indicators Widgets

    Do  you want to watch the world go 'round, anytime? With the WDI widgets and apps you can download files, photos and more and have the current information at your fingertips. To get the World Development Indicator of your choice you need an iPhone or iPad and iOS 5.0. This is free. You can also view the data at or download through you devices including Android at Google Play.

  4. Poowaddle World Clock

    This is a special developer tool garnered by a developer and offered for free on this web page: All in one place is information on live births, deaths, diseases being diagnosed and recorded, fatalities and what from, energy expenditure, crimes being commited and many other things. It is fascinating to watch the looping information update itself. This will expire at he end of March 2014, although.

  5. Opera and Add-Ons for Opera

    If you have Opera OS there are several dozen free apps for you to try. If you don't have Opera it is available for downloading for free, make sure you  have 30 or so MBs of free space first. The ones you are probably familiar with like PinInterest, Instapaper or eBay app plus XTranslate for translating languages on webpages, F.B Purity to clean-up your facebook homepage, Gmelius the cleaner Gmail or Open with Google Drive app are here and all formatted just for Opera OS. Opera promises that its latest version is even faster than Google Chrome. You can try Opera on for size and see for yourself. You already have probably explored Bing, Chrome, Safari and the others. Try it you might like it.

  6. Find My iPhone App

    This invaluable tool is a free download at iTunes. True it only locates iPhone, iPad or Mac devices like MacBook Pro, but if you have these, as many do, it will locate your lost device for you by entering your passcode information. You have to enable a free iCloud account on the device plus one more device that is iOS compatible if it is lost. Your devices must at least have a WiFi connection.

  7. Track a Phone Number

    This trace a phone number service is handier than most, as it will tell you the carrier and the location of the number's owner. This tool is at: Like many trackers they are not allowed to divulge any more private information without additional fees and permission but this is more than most of the tracers around allow for. Each phone trace will be $9.95 after this free information and includes data like the owner's name and their social hook-up sites. Even though this is expensive a whole year of unlimited searching and information is much less per trace at only $29.95 no matter how many.

  8. Find My Cell Phone

    You may have done this, that is, you may have called your cell phone from you landline phone because you couldn't find where you laid your cell phone. What if you gave up all of your landline phones or are out in the wilderness? At this website you can, for no charge, simply enter your missing cell phone's number and the device will ring your missing for you. Where's my cellphone? You will have four choices to select from also, including 30 seconds from now, 1 minute from now, three minutes from now of five minutes from now, now meaning the time following when you entered your number.

  9. Genymotion

    Emulate an Android on your desktop with Genymotion. If you have Linux you will need to install the virtual box to do this. You have to creat an account with Genymotion, but it is free, and the you can explore the functions and the apps that the Android devices have to offer on your desktop computer, tablet computer or notebook.

  10. Facebook Mobile

    The Facebook for mobile can be viewed on any computer with browser connection. It is a little more streamlined and in the event you are new to mobile devices, you can see what's in store on Facebook mobile prior to using it on your mobile device. The items that come up on home page are a little different in how they are lined up then on the regular Facebook pages. If you are communicating with friends who are using their iOS or other mobile devices you might like to turn to the: mobile address. It is free to use like this.

Installing widgets, downloading apps and embedding tools takes some time but is worth it when you choose something you love or something that safeguards your prized investments. I think the best free tool is the pill indicator tool, because it could be life saving, and it is 100% free. When you know what pills you have and have a tool for identification you will not be tempted to either go without or take the wrong one. Sometimes you have another family members pills and just really don't care when you are in pain, which could be very hazardous.