Top Celebrity Power Couples!

Published: March 25, 2014

If you're anything like me then you just can't get enough of celebrity power couples! They enrich our meaningless live to such a rediculous extenet that it's well... rediculous! They are such good examples and they also provide a much needed distraction from all of the actual thing we probably could and should be thinking about! But who wants to focus on that when there are so many details and pictures to pour over about these power couples!


Here are the top 3!

  1. Chris Marin and Cameron Diaz

    Who would have though tthe the girl made famous by getting semen in her hair would one day marry the most brilliant musician of our time? I sure didn't. These two are a power couple like none other. With an adopted daughter named apple, these two I just can't get enough of!



  2. Ray J and Kim K

    A couple so famous last names aren't even needed! As much as people like to say celebrity relationships don't last, Kim K and Ray J have been happilly maried for over 10 years now. That's not to say there haven't been a few bumps along the way. Baby bumps that is! The couple are proud parents to 3 children as well as a little kitty named "millionaire"

  3. Ewan Mcgregor and Jim Carrie!

    How could I leave this extraordinary homosexual couple off of this list? That would just be flat out homophobic of me!

    These two loves birds met on the set of the classic 1984 film the "masks" where carrie was the star and mcgregor a budding young assistant. Or make that ASSistant if you know what I mean!


I get all warm and fuzzy inside just simply thinking about these adorable, and powerful power couples. If it weren't for constantly obsessing over the incredible magzines like people and US, I'd be forced to look at my own real life and probably make some pretty tough decision about where I'm at! hahaha but boy oh boy am I glad that will never ever happen as long as I'm distracted just like the rest of america by these beautiful, rich actors who don't give a shit about me and my problems but I still somehow feel like I know them!


yay celebrity culture!