Six Food Ideas Using Biblical Ingredients for Creating a Feast

Published: March 25, 2014

In time for Easter, and just as suitable for Christmas or any time you want to embrace a Bible themed meal, here is a menu plan using strictly foods that were mentioned in the Bible. A meat entree, side dishes, dessert and salad that fit well together and celebrate the good things that were put on earth for our nourishment that date back to the time of great Biblical prophets, including Jesus himself.

  1. Lamb and Veal Loaf

    Lamb and Veal Meatloaf is a tasty combination of lamb, veal and Romano with bits of red pepper and other seasonings. This particular recipe uses one pound of each meat and bakes for one hour and thirty minutes. If you are serving a large family of more than 6 or 8 people you will want to make two meatloafs by doubling the recipe.

  2. Almond Bread

    Almond Bread from ground almond flour is a great bread to serve for this menu's theme because it's kind of paleolithic, another long ago time, and, also pretty amazing that it will rise without wheat flour, yeast or gluten. There are a lot of recipes for this scattered on the Internet and in various low carb or paleo cookbooks. You will need almond flour or ground almonds that you can grind yourself, whole eggs, leavening like baking soda or baking powder, a liquid, some oil and some salt no matter which recipe you choose.

  3. Sprouted Lentil Salad

    This is a great side dish, crunchy, healthful and tasty. You can put many things into this but basically you want onions, sliced carrots, sprouted lentils, peapods or frozen peas and sunflower seeds. You could add some feta cheese and walnuts or not as the flavors are good together. You could even add olives.

  4. Pistachio Pudding

    This is as simple as a box of instant pudding. Jello Pistachio instant pudding is available in fat free sugar free and regular, whichever you like best for your purpose. Pistachios come from areas near Egypt, Iran and evn in the Hanging Towers of Babylon near the Tower of Babel, anywhere there is little moisture and lots of heat will produce the nuts if you plant a pistachio tree there. Something made from this nutmeat is a nice touch here.

  5. Corn and Figs

    A meal like this wouldn't be complete without a dish with some figs in it. Try mixing equal parts corn, preferably fresh off the cob, and figs with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a little salt for a mouth watering taste sensation. You can present the figs and corn individually as well for a well received treat, serving either version warm or room temperature.

  6. Egg Salad With Olives

    Hard boiled eggs fancied up with sliced olives, either pimento stuffed or both pimento stuffed and ripe olives make for a festive variation on classic egg salad. Add some onions and some mayonnaise or salad dressing to 6 or 8 boiled eggs and several shakes of salt and pepper and you will be ready. This needs to be chilled for the flavors to incorporate. You could also add some mustard if you prefer the taste of mustard.

These are a few ways to incorporate foods mentioned in the Bible into a luscious meal that you can look forward to, even begin a new tradition with. The best item on this list may be the lamb and veal meat loaf as most special occassion meals include a meat, a large roast of a meat for that matter, for the centerpiece of the meal. For beverages you could serve just grape juice instead of wine, in particular, if you would rather avoid alcohol. You can also have milk such as goats' milk or cow milk or even almond milk and still be within the appropriate theme.