The Best and Most Nutritious Green Things You Can Buy At Your Local Supermarket

Published: March 24, 2014

You might be surprised that you can feel satisfied by eating a big plate full of green, low calorie vegetables and even feel satisfied or satiated for the next few hours. Having always been a weight watcher, I often fill up on green vegetables, especially green beans and iceberg lettuce. These economy wise vegetables surely help the budget and give your mouth chewing satisfaction but over many years there are some more choices that are even more filling for longer, in my opinion. You can see what these are on the list that follows.

  1. Cooked Cabbage

    Choices for cooked cabbage on a weight loss diet are manyfold. One of the most useful choices in the cabbage soup recipe that includes, cabbage, carrots, green pepper, green onions, mushrooms and whatever spices you like, from the once famous cabbage soup diet plan. It is packed with vitamins and has almost no calories. You would be surprised that it is quite filling if you have never tried it before. Another choice are cabbage rolls. Instead of filling them with fatty meats and buttered vegetables, think lean and you will have a satisfying meal in one.

  2. Spinach

    Florentine dishes are good for you as spinach is interspersed into these dishes is very nutrient dense while being low calorie and also while harboring a good dose of protein at 5 grams per one cup of cooked spinach, however, it's nutritional surprise may be the calcium. It also has lots of vitamin A. Spinach served florentine is often combined with eggs or cheese, you can use all egg whites if you need to in these recipes instead of the whole egg because that will be enough egg to bind the ingredients. When you use baby spinach for a fresh salad such as a strawberry and spinach salad you will fall in love, the tastes are great together and it is also very nutritious fare.

  3. Alfalfa Sprouts

    These wonderful little sprouts you see at salad bars and in supermarkets are super flavorful, crunchy, nutty and a little like tiny bean sprouts you will love them added to your raw salads. You can also add them to sandwiches, if you aren't eating low-carb or gluten free. They are very filling, somehow, it could be the fiber in them or the vitamin C in them. Alfalfa sprouts are believed to reduce bad cholesterol. You should rinse them thoroughly before using them as they can harbor harmful bacteria.

  4. Brussels Sprouts

    This could be the most expensive vegetable here, but they are delicious in a butter or cheese sauce. You don't have to resort to calorie laden sauces either, just choose lower calorie butter flavored spreads and reduced fat cheeses to create the sauce for your brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts are surprisingly good for a snack on their own as they are for a holiday meal. I would stock up on this vegetable when it is on sale and freeze some of it for later.

I listed cooked green vegetables first because the body will absorb nutrients from cooked vegetables the most readily. Eating the vegetables raw is not bad either, though. As I said, these are surprisingly filling for a mini-meal or a snack, you won't even have to include a meat dish if you don't want to. These vegetables may also be ideal for a quick diet for a few days, just don't go overboard for more than a couple days a week not eating very much else, and, take a multi-vitamin. The best one from this list is cabbage, followed by spinach and baby spinach, then the alfalfa sprouts and finally the brussels sprouts. The brussels sprouts came in fourth because of the time to prepare and the higher cost.