Best Beers you didn't know existed.

Published: March 24, 2014

This is list is is being developed with the purpose to try and broaden the horizons of beer drinkers everywhere, by expanding their perceptions of beer as a whole concept, as well as introducing brands and flavors that are typically forgotten. The fact you have not heard of these beers doesn't mean they aren't good, it simply means their companies do not advertise as much as others.

  1. Wells Banana Bread Beer

    Wells Banana Bread Beer is on this list for a variety of reasons. The first and foremost, is the taste. Upon first sip, a delicious, though artificial banana flavor breaks through, followed by a more mellow understated taste of walnuts. This beers delicious flavor, along with the fact it could be served anytime of day and not be out of place. One of the few beers, acceptable to drink in the morning.

  2. Ellicottville Blueberry Wheat

    The Elicottville Blueberry Wheat, is an amazing experience, somehow fiit into a twelve ounce bottle. A crisp blueberry hits the palate opening up a world closed off to most people. The world of fruit and beer, each standing up to the other without being overpowering. This beer offers a unique experience, that will leave all beer afficionados craving more fruit based beer.

  3. Southern Tier Raspberry Wheat

    The raspberry beer, might seem unusla to most people. While this may be true it is only because they did not ever wrap their lips around a Southern Tier Raspberry. Bursting with a fully flavored, and natural tasting berry, complementing the wheat quite expertly. This combined with the overall sweetness makes this a delicious beer that is very easy to over indulge.

  4. Boddingtons Pub Ale

    This beer has been a favorite of thousands and with good reason. Everything from the enticing yellow can, to the deep golden color, to the lgith airy foam. As an English pale ale, Boddingtons excels in flavor. Light and creamy to the extent that it reminds many tasters of cream soda, but by the end a deeper, nutty flavor emerges and stays on the tongue.

  5. Southern Tier Pumking

    Another Southern Tier beer has made the list, and with good reason. The Pumking offers a perfect autumn drinking experience. The refreshingly high alcohol content certainly helps keep you warm on cold autumn nights. The Pumkin flavor pops through the rest of the beer, but in a mellow manner, never overpowering, only accenting the flavor. The taste is in between fresh pumpkin, and pumpkin pie, neither too sweet nor too bland.

Each of the beers on this list, is divine in their own right. Each one offers a unique experience, with the flavors openign up worlds of flavor most beer drinkers never would have came up with to try. However, it is these seemingly bold or bland flavor combinations that open up mind to try new ideas and innovations. Taste some innovation today!