Very Unusual Tourist Attractions

Published: March 24, 2014

When physics meets architecture, what might you have? Many things, but for this list we have tourist attractions, like upside down houses and buildings. These are not only in other countries of the world like Austria or Switzerland but also are found in the United States. You just have to see at least one of these.

  1. Wonder Works in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

    This attraction is found in Pigeon Forge, of eastern Tennessee includes an upside down adventure and a mysterious story that will enthrill those who enter, especially children. They are open every day from 10 am. Admission is $14.99 for children and $23.99 for adults.

    Call 1-865-868-1800 to reserve a place for the magic show for an additional $14.99 child, $14.99 adult, unless you purchased the ultimate tickets for $29.99 per child and $37.99 per adult. Any child under four gets in free to these adventures.

    There are many exhibits within the wall of the adventure park, disguised as an upside down laboratory which inclulde a space suit, a jumbo piano, a speed of light test, rock climbing, a bubble lab, a Tesla coil and much more will make an unforgettable experience for you. Fun foods at the Cafe include pizza, hot dogs, popcorn, soft pretzels and dippin' dots.

  2. Germany: Crazy Upside Down House

    Found is Trassenheide, Germany, in Putbus, and built to be a tourist attraction the 'Crazy Upside Down House' has everything attached to its ceilings whether it is the bathroom, living room or kitchen or any other room. Seeing is believing! Yes you can enter the house and explore it. This house is for sightseeing.


  3. Poland: Amazing Upside Down House

    This nice looking house is in northern Poland, in Szymbark, was quite a feat to build, taking five more years until completion than a traditional home. It was finished in very popular to visit. This creation represents the end of communism in this country. You enter the house through a roof window and enjoy the adventure.


There are other upside down buildings in the world, but the very best a one might be the one in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee because you can interact with the adventure time and time again while you are there, rather than mainly take pictures and collect souvenirs. Each upside down architecture is although interesting, even startling to witness and explore.