Best Heating & A/C Companies in Annapolis, MD.

Published: March 23, 2014

This is a listing of the best heating and A/C compaines that service Annapolis, MD. I judged the compaines on this list by the quality of the service they provide as well as the quality of their customer service. 

  1. Bay Heating and Cooling, Ltd.

    Provide exceptional routine and emergency maintence, as well as provides extremely reasonable estimates for work. 

  2. Bethany Air Heating & Air Conditioning

    Very well known in the area. Highly praised for the quality of service they provide as well as the deals they have available. 

  3. Coastal Heating and Air Conditioning

    Extremely knowledgable and professional staff. Up to date on training. 

  4. Palmer Heating and Cooling

    Provides prompt and reliable service. Very good in emergency maintence situations. 

  5. Earth River Geothermal

    Provides Geothermal HVAC systems that save customers energy and money. 

  6. American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning

    Provides excellent customer service, quickly resolves any issues you may have. 

  7. Bay Breeze Heating and Cooling

    Stays up to date on routine maintence, also very professional and courteous staff. 

  8. B&B Air Conditioning and Heating Service Company

    Serves a wide area. Provides prompt and reliable servic and is well known for the quality of their work in the area. 

  9. Groove Heating and Cooling

    Always has a variety of very good specials and deals going on to help save the customer money. 

  10. Smith and Rawlings, Inc.

    Reliable workers and staff that provide high quality service. 

While all of the companies on the list are reliable and supportive, in my opinion,  Bay and Heating and Cooling offers the best service in terms of professionalism and customer service. This list has the best compaines in the Annapolis area for Heating and Cooling services and all the companies provide service for both emergency and maintence work.