Top Drive In Restaurants for Kentucky's Marshall County

Published: March 23, 2014

I think drive-in restaurants are the ultimate fun for teens to socialize and eat out at the same time. Drive-in restaurants are nice with toddlers, too, they love to stay in the car with their carry along toys, in my opinion, plus it may help in getting them to go places with you that you will be stopping at a drive-in later. Older folks like drive-in restaurants as well, maybe it's the traditional fare, maybe it seems quicker and easier to do. Whatever your reason it, I have liked them at each stage of my life.

  1. Bob's Drive-In Paducah

    Bob's Drive-In of Paducah, Kentucky was at one point non existant after many years of popularity. More recently it is there again and includes all the things everyone loved it for, malts and onion rings and fiesta burgers. They have large and small burgers, hot dogs on sticks, chili dogs, lemonade, orange soda, fish, grilled cheese and many more items at low drive-in prices, almost everything is less than $5. They are quick to serve you also. Bob's is on 2424 Bridge Street in Paducah, Kentucky. Bob's hosts local events and fundraisers also.




  2. Belew's Dairy Bar

    Another icon in the lakes area is Belew's Dairy Bar. In Aurora, Kentucky, this eatery is found at 15649 ahighway 68 East and serves many sandwiches such as bacon lettuce and tomato, chuckwagons, ham and cheese, pork steak, baskets including shrimp and chicken and ice cream sundaes plus dipped cones. You can use the picnic tables if you don't want to eat in your car, too.

  3. Sonic Drive-In

    Sonic Drive-In no. 6423 in Benton, Kentucky is newly opened on 329 Main Street. This drive-in restaurant is open until 10 p.m. for one and all, those who like a little late night eating will enjoy that. The Grand Opening was on March 8th so it is very new and exciting. This Sonic is complete with skating car-hops! The skating car-hops have to pass certification in order to land this position if you would like to know. Sonic serves burgers, iced tea, soft drinks, flavored iced teas, frozen milkshake desserts, hot dogs, coney dogs and more.

Two of these drive-ins are newly renovated. You will be impressed. Kids of all ages in this area can have a blast visiting a traditional drive-in restaurant. These restaurants are popular after ballgames, when it is pretty after school, and, all summer. The food is hot and scrumptious. The ice creams are rich and creamy. They are all very good, while the newest one, Sonic drive-in, is going to have to be the best one on this list due to its newness, plus, no one has complained at all so far.