The best toddler toys.

Published: March 22, 2014

There are a bunch of toddler toys on the market. This is a list of the best toddler toys that are on the market. These are toys that encourage the toddler to actually play with them instead of just sitting in front of a screen playing video games or watching a movie. 

  1. Vtech KidiBeats Drum Set

    This is an adorable electronic drum set designed for little ones. Not only does it encourage musical skill but it lights up which engages the little ones with the flashing. The price tag is under twenty dollars which parents will love. And the best part is the drum set has a on and off button meaning when the musical genius of your child starts giving you a headache you can flip the switch and tell them to take five. 

  2. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Remote

    Toddlers love the remote, they love buttons. This is a good replacement for them messing up your television programming or accidently turning it to a channel or show that they shouldn't be watching. It's got cute sounds and interacts with the child, and it keeps them entertained for a good amount of time. 

  3. B. One Two Squeeze Blocks

    These are squeezable and soft plastic blocks that are safe for babies who like to knock things over and throw them. They cup in a zip up case that makes them easy for storing. All little kids love blocks, and it helps them use there imagination to build things and of course knock them over again. 

This is a list of the three best toys for toddlers. In my opinion the blocks are the best toy on the list. Not only are they fairly priced, they encourage imagination and help little kids with motor skills by stacking them on top of each other when they are building things.