The Best Zero Calorie Beverages

Published: March 22, 2014

This list is about finding zero calorie beverages to both motivate you to be hydrated AND avoid those sugar highs and lows. Not all zero calorie drinks are created equal, so I made my list of favorite drinks that have zero calories and little to no effect on blood sugar. You have to watch out for artificial sweeteners because they can trigger sugar cravings and some have been reported to actually spike blood sugar anyway. I try to stay away from artificial or chemical sweeteners and go for the natural ones!

  1. Zevia

    Zevia is by far my favorite zero calorie soda. I am definitely a soda-holic. I love me some diet coke, but I'm not a huge fan of aspartame. I started researching stevia, and to my delight, I found a soda that is made with stevia! Stevia comes from a plant, not a chemistry lab. Zevia comes in so many great flavors that I can't pick a favorite but I'm partial to lime cola, cream soda, and ruby red grapefruit! But I buy mine in the grocery store (or whole foods if you're feeling fancy) and Amazon Prime/

  2. Blue Sky Free

    Blue Sky Free is my second favorite zero calorie soda. The regular blue sky brand markets itself on being all natural with no artificial ingredients and the diet version is no exception. The diet version is also made with stevia and it comes in a variety of great and interesting flavors. My favorite is the cherry cream soda.Blue Sky's website. But I buy mine on Amazon Prime

  3. SoBe life water

    It doesn't have the bubbles that I adore in soda, but it tastes amazing AND SoBe life water also omits harsh chemical sweeteners and instead uses natural sweeteners. It comes in a ton of flavors and you can get it at your local grocery store. It's very refreshing and feels more hydrating that soda does (and it probably is). SoBe's website.

  4. Stevia drops

    This isn't a beverage necessarily, but it is a sure way to liven up any tea or coffee without adding extra sugar OR any weird chemicals that you can't pronounce. This is stevia in liquid form, but with flavors like vanilla, hazlenut and chocolate added to give your drink a delicious flavor. Sweetleaf is my go-to brand and I buy it on Amazon. A small bottle goes a long way. Buy Stevia Drops Here

  5. La Croix Water

    I loooove bubbles. Sparkling water is a must. La Croix water has a ton of amazing flavors (try coconut if you haven't yet, it's better than you'd think) and it has no artificial sweeteners. In fact, it has no sweeteners at all. It's all about the flavor. It still satisfies my sweet tooth somehow, and it's cheaper than Zevia and Blue Sky Free.

    You can get a pretty good deal on Amazon for it too.

  6. H2 Oh!

    This is a lesser known brand of sparkling water that you can still find in your local grocery store. It comes in plastic bottles, and lasts you longer than just a can of La Croix would. It's great for on the go thirst because you can put the cap back on and throw it in your purse. They don't have a ton of different flavors but the flavor is good. No sweeteners at all!

  7. Stevia Water Enhancer

    There is a new trend with those squirtable beverage enhancers, where you use a concentrated liquid (as opposed to a powder) in order to add flavor to your water. Well, most of them contain those artificial sweeteners that we've been talking about but on Amazon, you can get a stevia version! Stevia Water Enhancer on Amazon

  8. Water

    No matter what you drink, your body still needs plain old water. You still need to drink some of mother nature's tears every day, regardless of how many wonderful surgar-free and flavorful beverages you have laying around. There are a couple reasons for this. One, you don't want to get spoiled and not appreciate water for what it is, and two, no matter how zero calorie a drink truly is, just tasting sweetness all day can trigger your craving for real sugar. No picture or link required for this one I think!

  9. Coffee

    You really can't go wrong with a good cup of coffee, and let's face it: some of us just don't feel human without one. Giving up sugar taught me how to really appreciate a good cup of unsweetened coffee. Not to be a coffee snob or anything, but there's something to be said about freshly ground, high quality beans, not tainted by any sweetness or additives. And Ok, this one might not be zero calories--according to a google search it has 1. One measily calorie, so I think we'll let this one slide.

  10. Diet Coke

    And last but not least--OK maybe least. Because this is the zero calorie drink I feel I should be drinking the least. But lastly, sometimes when you're on your way home and you stop to grab something at the gas station, or you're in the check out line at the grocery store, you just need to grab that solitary bottle of Diet Coke and just give in to what used to be your raging Diet Coke addiction. What is it about Diet Coke? Maybe it's psychological, but whatever it is, sometimes you just have to have it.

Well, there's my lists of calorie free beverages that I turn to in my sugar avoidant lifestyle. Over the years, a lot of new products have come out that allow you to indulge in a sweet drink that has neither sugar, nor weird questionable chemicals. Zevia and Blue Sky free are my go-to sodas, and it's best to ration them because they can be expensive depending on your budget. But there's always flavored water, sparkling water, good old water and coffee, and if you're really desperate... your good old pal, Diet Coke.