Five Best Online Sticker Companies

Published: March 22, 2014

Stickers are a good way to personalize your belongings. You may want to use them around the house to designate the properties of each member of the household. Everyone can pick their own theme or design to attack to anything they want to keep separate from the rest of the family's things. 

  1. VistaPrint

    This company offers great prices on all sorts of printed matter from checks to stickers. The stickers are in an abundents selection of choices from rectangles, ovals and circles with cute graphics plus your own picture or simply the cute graphics. Each sheet starts at $4 for 10, 1.5" x 1.5" stickers, a good price. Bumper stickers are custom designed by you and sold for $4 each also, a great deal, they cost so much more elsewhere. Bumper stickers measure 3" by 11". This company is best for order small quantities for a low price.

  2. Moo

    At find sticker books, sticker sheets as well. Create stickers that are from about 3/4" to jusst under 1" in size with the price of $9.99 for 90 stickers. When creating a sticker book you are allowed to upload or choose from their Moo collection of images up to 90 images for you book of stickers. This company is best for creating a variety pack of stickers in one order.

    Kokeshi CutiesSnow Cabin

  3. Zazzle

    Zazzle has a wide selection of sticker shapes, not just round or square but also hearts, stars and triangles. These stickers are prices from $4.95 to $6.00 for the most basic stickers for sheets of 20 of one design. These stickers are approximately 1.5" in size. Several of the stickers are customoizable with names or other text or with add-your-own-image.

  4. Red Bubble Vinyl Stickers

    These are bigger stickers are about 3" in size and are made from cling-y vinyl. Endurable and fashionable, you can put these on windows, desktop, flat surfaces, your car's glass areas and more. If you use them outside they will still last 18 months before fading or losing their cling. These vinyl stickers will stick to folders, trapper keepers and other notebook type surfaces, too, even suitcases. These are the best vinyl stickers from independent artists. The cost is from $3 each on up.

  5. Smile Makers Stickers

    Smile Makers Stickers are the best children's stickers, in categories like glow-in-the-dark, character stickers and sparkle stickers. One of the most unique stickers you might find anywhere are the flicker stickers that change in the different angles while you look at them. The stickers at Smile Makers cost aroung $6 to $7 for sheets of 50-100. Smile Makers stickers offers the most extensive list of categories to choose from among the most popular sticker mass merchants, with over 35 categories.


Stickers are an inexpensive way to personalize your pads, notebooks, desk or windows. Stickers can give character to the things you put them on, or, they may be there to let you remember something. Stickers are not just for children, they are a good option for many others too. The best online sticker company is Zazzle because of the reasonable price paired with dazzle and pizzazz. The second most ideal sticker maker among online merchants is Smile Makers.