In & Beyond Bath

Published: October 22, 2020

In & Beyond Bath offers an extensive range of tour and service package to discover the unseen England. They provide intimate and personalised tours for small groups of upto eight people. All the costs including entrances, food and drinks, pick-up and luxury travel is covered by the company. They share fascinating stories, insights, places and ensure a unique, memorable experience.

In & Beyond Bath began its journey in August 2016 when Jules Mittra, a frequent traveler himself, decided to quit teaching history and politics to create a business that would allow visitors to see England that he knows and loves, but most travelers miss. They are passionate about their mission to provide more visitors to Bath and are continually looking for different ways to enthuse their customers. In & Beyond Bath is a company driven by its values. By placing these values ​​at the heart of their business, they aspire to be sustainable and prosperous. Join them for a journey of discovery into authentic England.

Contact Details: Jules Mittra

Address: Bridgwater House, 2 Terrace Walk

Bath, Banes

United Kingdom


Phone: 08000 747949


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