The Best Roofers in Paducah

Published: March 21, 2014

Updating buildings under your possession or your home with a new roof will pay off big dividends by warding off potential leaks, adding desirable insulation and simply adding a glamorous look to your building or home. Sometimes you will be interested in basic repair or construction and other time you may have an interest in something extra, like dormer, skylights or newly developed roofing techniques or materials. By researching more than one roofing contractor you may find your tastes have changed and you want something new, or, you may find you would rather stick with tried and true options.

  1. Vinyl Windows Technology for Skylight Installation and Maintenance

    Vinyl Windows Technology installs skylights, a more individualized roofing request. Since they specialize in windows to begin with, they can install your skylight, repair an existing skylight and instruct you on maintenance issues that may arise over your skylight or skylights. They are found near the river's edge at 2400 Irvan Cobb Drive in downtown Paducah. Your purchase of their products are covered by warranty by registering them within 90 days of installation. Their phone number is 1-270-443-9622.

  2. Dean's Roofing

    On the other side of Paducah, off the beltline and on Old Mayfield Highway is Dean's Roofing, a pro roofer who has established himself over a seven year period in the area. He has knowledge and experience with several roofing techniques and products including rubber or asphalt, or the product known as GAF which stands for General Aniline and Film, as well as, total tear off jobs. Tear off jobs include total restructuring of your roof's foundation and its surface. This business is accredited with the Better Business Bureau with the Grade of an A.

    More unique Rubber Roofing.

    Call this roofing contractor, James Brown, at 1-270-443-5507 in Paducah.

  3. Outhouse Roofing

    Outhouse Roofing is a local roofing contractor for replacing shingles, installing totally new roofs, or, other roofing repairs. This company has 21 years of experience and guarantees all of its roof services 100%. Additional services with this company include deck repair and deck installation, soffit repair, vinyl siding installation and more. To call this roofing contractor the phone number is 1-270-442-1588.

Taking the best care of your roof is wise. A roof serves to shield your buildings from sun damage, wind damage, rain damage and the hot or cold influences of the environment surrounding it. Metal roofs last the longest, 50-75 years, and are usually installed on industrial buildings like warehouses. Wood or shaker roofs last the second longest around 20-25 years. A rock roof lasts only up to about 15 years, so plan accordingly. The best roofer from the above list is Dean's Roofing.