The Best Ways to Save Money on Textbooks.

Published: March 20, 2014

A good college student, or at least one without a giant trustfund, is always looking for ways to save money. You might take classes over the summer to speed up your graduation date, you might shop for clothes at thrift stores, avoid cutting your hair for months on end, or practically starve yourself living off of ramen noodles. You might apply for scholarships and grants, but we all know that those are few and far between and that not everyone qualifies for those. One way that you can save literally hundreds of dollars per semester is by being smart when it comes to textbooks. Here's a list of ways to do just that.

  1. Amazon.

    Amazon is a household name by now. You can use it to buy just about anything, including clothes, gifts, household items, you name it! But amazon started as primarly a book retailor. Most students are used to going to the book store to get their books, but you can order them online at Amazon and can get them in as little as two days if they are prime elligible and you are signed up for prime. texbooks at amazon, enter the name or the ISBN.

  2. Chegg

    Are you commited to owning all of your textbooks? As an English major, do you really think you're going to keep that giant biology textbook that you bought for your general education requirements for the rest of your life? No? Well, you should consider renting. Chegg is a company that specializes in renting both hard copy and e-books. Chegg's website.

  3. through ebay is associated with the website ebay, where users can sell, buy and make auctions for their items. This is where you can go for more obscure textbooks. It's a good place to go when you want a specific book, or are willing to wait a little while to find just the right price.

  4. Patience.

    It's also important to remember (and tell any freshman who aren't aware) that professors will often add books to your reading list that you will never touch. The are 'optional' texts that are great for getting a thorough education on the subject, but aren't necessary for passing, or even getting an A in the class. Do not buy your books until you have your first day of class to see what the proffesor says is really required and not.

  5. Google Books

    This one is a little gem that I discovered. On a rare occaison you will find a full textbook on Googlebooks that you can read online for free. I save over a hundred dollars on a textbook this way once. I didn't have to pay anything at all and all it requires to read is an internet connection.

These are the five best ways that I've saved money on textbooks over the years. I haven't paid for than half the total price of my textbooks for the semester for years now. This semster I paid about 50 bucks for all the books for all three of my classes. By far the best way out of the 5 is Amazon because it is the most reliable and the company has good shipping and customer service. Good luck saving money on those books!