The Top Ten Places to Buy Plus Sized Clothing

Published: March 20, 2014

This is a list of the top ten places to buy plus sized clothing. As a plus sized woman it can be hard to find clothes that are comfortable, that fit, that aren't crazy expensive AND that are fashionable. Our options have been rather limited in the past, but fashion designers and retailers are finally taking notice of the plus sized market and making clothes that both flatter our bodies and our wallets.

  1. Lane Bryant

    By far number one on my list. This retailer has up to date fashion and comfortable frocks. The use up-scale designers and pay attention to the trends. The have higher end clothing perfect for business wear and they have a line of intimates and pajamas as well as a line of workout clothes. Everything that the fabulous plus sized woman needs, you can basically get here. It is a little on the expensive side, so always be looking out for deals. It can be affordable if you avoid paying full price. here is their website.

  2. Catherines

    Catherines is the older cousin to Lane Bryant. Marketed to more mature clients, Catherines is more focused on business and practical wear and less on fashion, although they do still keep track of the trends. It's a little more expensive, but it's high quality and they also have sales and a wide variety of products, from shoes and accessories to swimwear. They are still flirty and fun but more reserved than Lane Bryant.Here is their website.

  3. Sonsi

    Sonsi is perfect for fun, carefree, spring and summer fashions. Much more casual than Lane Bryant and Catherines, Sonsi has basic wardrobe necessities with a trendy twist. They are less geared toward businesswear but they are still very fashion forward. The are a little on the expensive side but you can still find good deals. Here is their website.

  4. Torrid

    Torrid is fresh and different and a great store for plus sized girls with an edge. If you are looking for more than just your wardrobe necessities, this is the store for you. Edgy, flirty, sexy, dark and creative, this is not the store for  the typical girl.

    Here is their website.

  5. Macy's

    Surprisingly, a very standard retailor that is not specialized for plus size actually carries some great options, althought it's not as easy to find sizes that go above 24, at least not online. But here you can find real designer brand names for a plus sized figure. Macy's plus size website.

  6. Eshakti

    Eshakti's tagline is "real fashion for real people". One of the things I like best about this retailer is that they really do show real models in their adverts-even the plus size girls look real. We all know what a size 24 beauty looks like, and she does not look like the slimmed down, airbrushed size 12 in most online catalogues. This website gets it, and they have great trendy, fashionforward picks that really do suit the curvy, luscious body you have.

  7. Carmakoma

    This is one of the most edgy, high-fashion retailers that I've found for plus sized women. Too many plus sized women try to hide their bodies or avoid drawing attention to themselves. These styles aim to do exactly the opposite and they are on point. Beware though, their sizes do stop at a 24.

  8. Fullbeauty

    Let's face it, all women struggle with finding the right bra at some point, but for plus size women it can be even more of a challenge. This website specializes in larger bras for larger women:

  9. Hips and Curves

    Finally, a retailor dedicated to almost nothing but lingerie for full sized figures. It's like the plus sized victoria secret. They are down-right smouldering.

  10. Old Navy

    Even though Old Navy is a really basic retailer, and they are not specialized for plus size. They have some really good options, and if you get things on sale, can be really cheap. It's a great place to go if you need some basic items, and it's cute and fashionable too! Old Navy Plus.

Here we have it, the 10 best places to shop plus, according to me. There are definitely more than just these, but to me these are your best bet. And they cover a range of needs from basic, to avant-garde to sexy and comfortable. Now go get yourself a little something special! The best item on the list has to be Lane Bryant because it covers all bases, but I would never limit myself to just one store.