Top 3 Pieces of Furniture for Babies Room

Published: March 20, 2014

Babies may be small, but its not lie that they come with a lot of stuff. This is a list of the top three pieces of furniture that babies new room needs before you bring him or her home from the hospital. This is a list of the basic needs furniture wise that you need for baby to come home to.

  1. Crib or Bassinet

    Baby needs somewhere to sleep. As much as you want to just hold him or her all the time, you can't. Some parents prefer starting there newborns in cribs as soon as they bring them home, others prefer to start out in a bassinet and then transition them into a crib later. Either way, this is a fundamental item you need for babies room. 

  2. Baby Swing

    This is a neccesity if you are going to try to get anything done in those first weeks and months after you bring baby home. It allows the baby to be in constant movement while you are able to get some other stuff done. There are literally hundreds of different styles and kinds that you can choose from, just choose one that isn't too expensive and that will last baby the longest.

  3. Changing Table

    Be prepared to spend a lot of time in front of this. Changing babys diaper is something that happens at least every hour or two in those first couple weeks. Having a changing table not only makes changing diapers easier but it keeps all the diapers wipes and changing things together in one place.

This list is of three furniture item that you need to have in your babys room when you bring him or her home from the hospital.The most important item on this list is the crib. Every baby needs a crib or bassinet to sleep in, making that the best item on the list.