The Best Things to Do on A Boring Day That You Haven't Done for A While

Published: March 20, 2014

It is an exciting world but sometimes we don't feel that excited about it, we get bored. What can we do at these times when we have done everything we are supposed and in our free time ran dry of creative ideas. Sometimes going back to the past, doing things we have either consciously or subconciously counted out, helps.

  1. Roller Skating

    There is probably a roller skating rink near you anywhere in the United States. These skating rinks are usally open several days a week, and, of course you can call and verify the hours they are open by phone to make sure. You can almost always find a beginner's time slot any day the rinks are open plus they all rent roller skates and possibly skate boards so you don't even have to own your own. The charge for roller skating including renting skates is low, about $4 or $5. Think of the fun you probably used to have. You are never to old for this passtime and once you go do it, you will probably be a repeat customer.

  2. Scrapbook Preparation

    Now's a good time to organize things for a scrap book whether you already have one or not. Get an old shoebox or other container and scavange through your greeting cards, any other mail of interest, newspapers for things to clip and save and probably your bookcases and recent pictures for items to save in your box. If you have a scrapbook started you can work on it now, if not you can simply collect things for it. A scrap book will require something to anchor the items onto its pages but you can certainly collect items for it. This is a good way to spend an afternoon, morning or evening that breaks up boredom. Don't forget to put some ribbons, lace or buttons or other decorations in your box of goodies.


  3. Yoga Pose

    This one sounds as if it will bore you further to some people, but stretching out your limbs along with the controlled breathing you should incorporate is very good for elevating one's mood. There are easy poses like the plank or the warrior that accomplish fitness similar to calisthenics, with the added dimension of being a yoga technique the main difference being you don't repeat the action at all, like you do with calisthenics, or only a few times.


  4. Bake and Decorate a Cake

    Hopefully, you have cake mix and something for frosting handy, but if not, it is worth a trip to the store to pick these things up. It won't be a great expense. You could even choose frosting in the can that is ready made. And, if you don't have decorated tools, pick up some plastic bags and/or inexpensive tips to stuff into a corner you have snipped a small wedge from to create your decorating bag. If you really have no route to any decorating tips simply decorate the cake with stripes, dots, words and either trellis designs or waved lines. If you want to color your frosting, egg dye is only around $3. If you plan ahead and buy these supplies for a rainy or bored day you could get the decorating tools for under $10 from or

Don't let the blues get you down, take action against them. Whether you like to go to the park and practice at the free hitting range, do some yoga or go do something that requires a fee, physical exercise is a very good choice. If you don't want to leave your house for any reason, you can choose the yoga or any other indoor exercise from jumping rope to calisthenics. Scrapbooking is a winner, you are using what you already have, for today, to create a memory book to gaze at over the years ahead. I think the best item from the above list for doing on a bored day is preparing for Scrapbooking as you have everything you need at your fingertips.