Best Doctor Who Doctors in Condescending Order

Published: March 20, 2014

This is the best of the Doctor Who doctors list. For this list I have included my faverite doctors and taken some input from what the mainstream opinion. 

  1. William Hartnell

    William Hartnell is the first and therefore best Doctor in the Doctor Who franchise. William Harnell's doctor was able to pull in the viewership figures that would later be topped by Tom Baker. What makes Billy the best is his no nonscence demeanour. He is the who that all who's strive to be yet fail because none of them are crotchety old men.

  2. Patrick Troughton

    Patrick Troughton is not only the seccond doctor, but the seccond best. He is the funniest doctor and his episodes improve upon the the previous ones. He also has a good set of companiouns, although Fanzer Heins over stayed his welcome. 

  3. Tom Baker

    I would have placed Tom Baker at number 4 after Jon Pertwee, except for the fact that he is the most popular doctor and gave the show some of it's highest ratings since the show began. Tom also played the Doctor longer than anyone else and is the last surviving or the first four.  


  4. Jon Pertwee

    Jon Pertwee played the Doctor for 5 seasons and was asked to play Willie Wonka in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Some of the episodes are a bit stale but thats how television was made in the 70's.


  5. Peter Capaldi

    As of the writing of this list, Peter Capalldi has not appeared in any Doctor Who episodes. But judging by his acting chops from The Thick of It and the assumption that he always plays the same character in all of his roles, you know it's going to be good. The Matt Smith episodes have better plotlines than the previous episodes and therefore the Capaldi episodes will be better than the last.  

  6. David Tennant

    The best new Who, Until Capaldi takes over that is. He's a cool guy, sometimes he say's timey wimey which is the wost part about him. Also his companions from the last two series are sub par.

  7. Peter Davison

    The quaint Who. He also gets angry sometimes. A good who, you should check it out sometime.

  8. Matt Smith

    Everybody Loves Matt Smith. Personally I prefer Tennant, but the Smith Episodes are better... Some times.

  9. Colin Baker

    Colin Baker is the most hated out of all the who's because of his albino afro, fat beer belly, and rediculous wardrobe. What I like about him is his smug attitue, bad guy persona, and everybodies distaste for the man. His last season was especially intersting.

  10. Paul McGann

    Paul McGann is one of the coolest doctors, but also the who with the least amount of screen time.  Featured  in a Fox produced canadian revamp pilot that was never picked up. McGann has made up for lost time by supplying his voice for audio books and was featured in a mini episode that takes place before The Day of The Doctor. He has stated recently that he is interested in appearing in future episodes of Doctor Who. Good.

  11. Sylvester McCoy

    Sylvester McCoy was the last original Doctor and the and the reason why the show got cancelled. The worst aspect of McCoys Doctor, is that he isn't funny and is  a generic take on the who. The best part of the McCoy episodes is that the violence was upped a knotch and the special effects made up for the mediocre story lines. 

  12. Christopher Eccleston

    Ecclecton is the worst Doctor because of this goofy expression, ugly face, shaved head, and leather Jacket. Rose is the best part of the Eccleston era, and he is also one of the darkest of the who's (which is a plus). All in all, he is as bad a McCoy but his look is very unwho and thats why he's at number 12. The episodes are actually more entertaining than the McCoy episodes. oh well.

All in all William Hartnell is the best. Yet the fans unanimously agree that Tom Baker and Matt Smith are their faverites but with Capaldi on the rise. Who can really say Who is the best Who.