Top 5 Reasons why I hate playing The Sims 3

Published: March 20, 2014

Ok, to be fair. I love playing The Sims 3. I spend a lot of time playing and taking screenshots. However, there are times when TS3 really rustles my jimmmies. 

TS3 is loaded with quirks, glitches, phenomenas and downright weird snags. Here are the Top 5 reasons why TS3 irks me so.

  1. The Inevitable Crash

    Sim fans all around know the feeling..

    That feeling when your main sim had just gotten married, adopted a kitten, and is making room for a baby when suddenly the game crashes. You have no idea when you last saved, and the panic sets in. 

    A part of you hopes it will recover but its a false hope. You must face your last save, kittenless, loveless and jobless. 

    "I'll save more often next time" You promise yourself again. You wipe away a stray tear and you begin again.

  2. The Sims 3 Store

    I love everything EA spits out into that soul-sucking webstore. Everything I could ever ask for! Only for the slight price of $40.00!

    You want that cute toddler play set that will just go perfectly with your generations screenshots? Just cough up $5.00! 

    $5.00?! I will not be subject to such theivery! It's almost like they WANT us to go out and seek free custom content! I suggest they seriously lower the prices in the Sims Store, their demographic doesnt make a whole lot of money.

  3. Demon Baby Glitch

    Every once in a while, your main sim will birth an offspring like no other. If you find yourself wondering why your Sim toddler looks like a hellspawn, you may be a victim of a custom content disaster. 

    Keep calm and take a moment to breathe. This glitch happened to me so many times. Of course, this is the fault of custom content gone wrong.

    Don't even get me started on the centuar body..


    Moving on now..

  4. The Sims 3: Pets

    Okay, Sims. You finally throw us a bone and give us a Pets expansion pack. The fandom waited 5 whole years for it to come out and what did Electronic Arts give us? A non-user friendly create-a-pet and NO EXOTIC ANIMALS! 


    Sure, we got horses, dogs, and cats. Sim children can play with little sim-hamsters, Sim Dogs set a wonderful cozy atmosphere, but where are the tigers? Elephants? Jaguars, snakes, bears??


    I was overall disapointed with the expansion pack but kept it for the cute outfits in CAS :(

  5. Zombies

    Picture This:

    A beautiful full moon evening and theres a wedding! You finally have everyone sitting down, even Grandma Eula! Suddenly, a green fog surrounds and from the earth, a hand reaches out! Zombies start climbing out uninvited! Grandma Eula nearly faints and the ceremony is ruined, screenshots and all. 

    If I have to moveobjects one more zombie out of a perfect screenshot, I'm going to go crazy! Zombie are an annoying addition to a great expansion pack (supernatural.)

The Sims 3 has its ups and downs. Unfortunatly, the biggest downfall are the constant crashes. If you decide to install custom content, the game only becomes laggier and glitchier. I trained myself to save VERY often becuase many lives were lost due to the inevitable crash.