The Best Most Interesting Crystal Light Flavors

Published: March 20, 2014

Calories are necessary fuel for our bodies, yet, sometimes we are all looking for something that doesn't have very many more of those because we are not the type to any trouble eating plenty of those. Crystal Light is one of those things we can add to our menus that won't pack on more calories and thereby more pounds. Below are a few of the best tasting ones.

  1. Crystal Light Green Tea Peach Mango

    Peach tea is a good beverage, compared to regular tea or lemon iced tea. The peachy flavor binds with the tea flavor in a very palate pleasing way. Add some mango and you won't be disappointed either. This is the best tropical themed instant powder drink around. This is also available in the mix on the go style. Since this includes a touch of vitamins A, C and E this is a super anti-oxidant treat that has everything going for it, with almost no calories.


  2. Mojito

    The mocktails created by the Crystal LIght Beverage company come in three flavors, Appletini, Margarita and Mojito. I like the Mojito, lime with mint truly is reminiscent of a highball, not too strong of one, but a highball. The canister it comes in also has cute and sexy looking images on it, you can set it on the tabletop or counter and it won't take away any of the party flare. I don't like mint in everything, but I do like this and would reccommend it to my friends. This is the best Mock Cocktail.

  3. Cherry Pomegranate

    This unique plum flavored and colored drink is one that I love. It tastes like pomegranate more than cherry to me, which reminds me of a plum taste and I love it. It is designed to amp up you immunity with the immune system enhancing vitamins A, C and E in larger proportion than the Peach Mango Green Tea flavor. This is also very pretty, probably the prettiest Crystal Light flavor, it has a deep rich red hue.


Crystal Light has several flavors to consider. There are those flavors that are sized for making a pitcherful and those that are sized for individual 8 ounce servings. Many of the flavors have both sizes. There are four original types including classic, those for energy, mock cocktails and those made with a natural sweetener labeled "pure" in case you are avoiding artificial sweeteners. One additonal type, the latest creation from Crystal Light are compact liquid mixes which come in six new flavor combos which are strawberry lemonade, iced tea, peach bellini, pomtini, blueberry raspberry and mango passionfruit and hold 24 servings in a mere 1.62 ounce container. The best Crystal Light taste sensation from the above list is the Mojito, the mild but interesting flavor is easy to take and refreshing, everyone could love it, even those who don't go for the lime or the mint, somehow together they are very good.