The Best Things of Life

Published: March 19, 2014

This is a list of the five best things in life I learned while holding the hands of people dying. I worked as a Hospice Nurse for about 5 years, I was honored and humbled to be with so many on their last days, their last minutes even.  This list is about the most important pieces of advice for having a good life I gained over those five years. I will assure you not one ever advised me to work more. Working in Hospice, you get the pleasure of seeing these people for days, weeks and if you're lucky months  combined with the long hours up to 70 or more a week, you get to know each other. They all have taught me the best of life, their regrets and the things they were most grateful for. I condensed my lessons down to the top five I felt were the most important, my science in choosing these five is purely because these are what they talked about the most, form any walk of  life.  They include loving, learning, playing, making memories, and enjoying each day.

  1. A Life of Loving.

  2. A Life of Learning.

  3. A Life of Playing.

  4. A Life of Making Memories.

  5. A Life of enjoying Life.