The Best Plumbers in the Western Kentucky Area of Hickory

Published: March 19, 2014

Plumbers know how to fix your pipes, clean your drains and garbage disposal, install water heaters, fix your faucets, correct problems with your toilet and more. There may be things in your water line or drainage system requred for operation that you aren't even aware of, but the plumber, of course is aware of these things. This is why when you want to be sure you should have a plumber help with your water line problems. In any situation that you are building, renovating or adding on and it includes running water or sewer you will be better off to need a real plumber for the job.

  1. Rives Backhoe and Plumbing

    Rives Backhoe and Plumbing may be just what you need. Rives takes care of cesspool remodeling with the second specialty of water heater install, replacement or repair. Tim Rives has been licensed with the state as Journeyman Plumber for fifteen years and open for business. This plumber provides excavation services. The phone number for Rives is: 1-270-856-3549.

  2. Champion Plumbing

    Champion Plumbing has its headquarters on Highway US 45, a connector route between Mayfield and Paducah, two main local cities and several neighboring communities. The company is owned and managed by Ralph Champion, Jr. who also provides HVAC services while being licensed as a plumber as well as an HVAC guy. The phone number for Champion Plumbing is: 1-270-247-9338.

  3. Bill's Plumbing and Home Improvemenet

    Bill's Plumbing and Home Improvement knows how to fix your pipes and other plumbing problems with an eye toward what the future holds. You don't want your repairs or other services to be short lived and this is what this business strives for with their clients. Bills' Plumbing includes plumbing repair services for either business or residential customers. Their phone number is 1-270-247-4413 or on mobile phone at 1-270-804-4543.

Plumbers have to pass a battery of tests to become plumbers. This is why it pays off to hire the expert more than doing the chore yourself. Letting the plumbing go is out of the question for most people, so, what you want is a qualified plumber who has a good reputation. Local plumbers are good candidates for the job. They will try hard to please you to build up their reputation. The above plumbers are good choices while the best plumber from above when you need a major plumbing job done is number one, Rives Backhoe and Plumbing, with a good backhoe service going for it you won't have to hire out for two services before you are done.