top mens shoes that you can find online

Published: November 14, 2013
  1. Florsheim

    Confort casual dress including boots.

  2. Fred Perry

    Although described as mens footwear they also have a womans section. This website not only sells shoes but has a clothing section too! An ineresting fact is that Gwen Steffani and memebers from the band No Doubt has been wearing Fred Perry since they we kids. Some of the Fred Perry collection has been seen in music videos such as "Sunday Morning" and Settle Down". Since then, members from No doubt has teamed up with Fred Perry to created a unique collabotion collection titled "No Doubt" which features Fred Perrys clothing with a hint of No Doubts style.

  3. Generic Surplus

    The name comes from the style but don't let that fool you! As this companys features shoes that are simple and easy to wear, that is not to say that these shoes are borning. These shoes represent what is in style and offers many different styles raning from dress to casual, sporty to hip and fashionable all while maintinaing comfort in each. What sets this compant apart is they have an extended shoe line that is exclusively for what is described as luxury footwear.

  4. The Frye Company

    This company offers mens, womans, and "small fryes" boots & shoes and has been around for 150 years and for good reason. It is becuase this company is certainly about quality. This company is famous for its boots which have been around 150 years which tell me that this company has proven itself to be something great. Another great thing is that on their website they offer a leather guide that demonstrates types of leather and quality to ensure  that you are recieving quality shoes. Another amazing thing about this company that sets them apart from most companys out there is that they offer a warranty on their shoes to again ensure quality. The picture displayed below is their famous Harness Boot that has been around since the company began and although they still offer this style, they also have a variety of other styles of boots to choose from!


  5. Clae

    As this brand has been featured in GQ (Gentlemens Quaterly) magazine, you can be sure that this show company has got you covered if you are looking for something classy, stylish, and something the ladies can't stop looking at which should be enough reason to make this list. Although classy, this shoe company is sure to offer all types of fashionable shoes ranging from dress, comfort, casual, sporty, and a few others.

  6. Hudson Shoes

    What allows this company to make the list is that no matter if you are shopping in mens sizes or womens sizes, these shoes are made for those who are looking for an androgynous look. However, even if you are not one looking for an androgynous look, these shoes still may fit your stlye as they are simple yet classy and designed with high quality.

  7. Sperry Top-Sider

    This shoe company offers mens, womens, and kids shoes that are a must have for all people. All Sperry Top-Sider shoes are designed as casual-comfort shoes which makes these types of shoes a staple for every wardrobe which is perfect reason why this company makes the list.

  8. Aldo

    What makes this list is that Aldo not only offers mens and womens casual/dress shoes but the also offer accessories for both sexes which is why this company makes the list. The offer a variety of accessories such as purses for ladies, watches for mem, hat, gloves, lap-top bags,

  9. Dr. Martins

    For mens, womens, and kids, what makes this company make the list is they offer shoes for those working in industrail. In particular, they offer slip  resistance shoes with not only exceptional quality but with unique style which is quite different for must industrial shoes. However, since this company offers industrial shoes that can take a beating while also looking fashionable, this is good reason to put them on the list.