Best Diet Sodas

Published: March 19, 2014

A lot of people have made the switch to diet soda in an effort to stick with there caffiene addiction but be a little healthier. This is a list of the best diet soda alternatives.This list includes the diet sodas that taste just as good as the regular versions of the flavors. 

  1. Diet Dr Pepper

    In my opinion this is the best of the diet soda options. It not only tastes like Dr Pepper but I actually like it more than regular Dr Pepper. There have been many different flavors of Dr Pepper and they have made the diet versions as well. Although the classic Dr Pepper is still the best of the ones that is offered. 

  2. Diet Coke

    Diet Coke is probably the most popular with diet soda drinkers. It doesn't taste like regular coke to me, but in my opinion that's okay because regular coke can be a little too sweet. With diet Coke, you get the coke flavor without all the sweetness and with lower sugar and calories. 

  3. Diet Sprite

    This one is good if you just want the taste of Sprite. Since Sprite doesn't have any caffiene, it doesn't really matter about that. Diet Sprite tastes just like sprite it just has less sugar and calories. I can't really even tell a difference between regular Sprite and diet Sprite. 

This is a list of the three best diet soda drinks. In my opinion diet Dr Pepper is the best on the list and the best of all the diet soda drinks. It tastes the most like a regular soda drink and in my opinion actually tastes better than the regular Dr Pepper.