10 American Town's You Should Visit

Published: March 19, 2014

America has a lot of towns that everyone should visit from the big ones that are well known for there attractions, to the smaller ones where you will be treated as one of there own. Both types of towns have a lot to offer a visitor. This is a list of ten towns that you should visit. 

  1. Anaheim, California

    The obvious reason for visiting Anaheim would be to go to Disneyland, and while everyone should try to do that at least once in there lives there are also many other things in Anaheim worth visiting. It's one of the prettier parts of California. It has awesome food and if you are wanting the amusement park experience but aren't exacly wanting to go to Disney, Universal Studios is there as well. 

  2. Williamsburg, Virginia

    This is a great historical town. Colonial Williamsburg is a awesome palce to visit, even if you aren't exactly a huge history buff. Although if you are it is about ten times as awesome. The whole town is just rich with all kinds of history, and it is worth visiting just for that, but the beauty of the town is amazing too. 

  3. Navarre, Florida

    This is a great town if you love the beach but maybe don't want to deal with all the crowds and party goers that clog up Pensacola Beach during the summers. It is just as beautiful and normally doesn't have nearly as many people on it, and if there are people they aren't as drunk or as crazy as the ones that hang out at Pensacola Beach. 

  4. Hershey, Pennsylvania

    This town holds the Hershey Factory which is an awesome place to visit if you are a chocolate or candy buff, it also has the Hershey Theme Park. The whole town is in the spirit of candy making from the chocolate smell that lingers in the air to the Kiss shaped street lights. 

  5. Seattle, Washington

    Although Seattle is one of the rainiest towns in America, it is also one of the most cultural and beautiful towns around. From the first ever Starbucks to the Fish Market there is just so much fun packed into this town that it is worth a family trip just to soak all the culture in. 

  6. Dallas, Texas

    Texas has a bad rap for a lot of reasons, but it's actually a pretty cool state. Dallas is one of the biggest towns and they have a lot of great attractions, plus its a no brainer stop for anyone who roots for the Cowboys. Not only is everything bigger in Texas, the food is better. 

  7. Portland, Oregon

    Portland is a great melting pot of different ethnicitys, lifestyle choices and religions. It's a great mix up and mash up from people from a lot of different walks of life. This mash up makes for all kinds of attractions, stores and places to eat at. The best part is Portland encourages people to love each other and themselves no matter what they beleive in. 

  8. Pensacola, Florida

    This is a great town if you are looking to be close to the beach, and still be close to a town. There are a lot of different things to check out while you are in Pensacola. From fishing to just relaxing at the beach to kayak lessons and sushi places, Pensacola has it all. 

  9. Willmington, North Carolina

    This town was made famous because it was the town that the popular show One Tree Hill was filmed in. So if you are a big fan of the show, go check out the highschool, and the dealership. You'll even get to see the outside of Brooke's house and walk across the bridge that was featured in the credits. Even if you aren't a big fan of the show it's a beautiful southern town. 

  10. Las Vegas, Nevada

    One of the biggest attractions in the United States. Especially for people who like big grand shows, or to gamble. There are hundreds of different things for someone to do in Vegas. There is the pawn shop that is featured on Pawn Stars, a multitude of museums and of course the casinos. 

This is a list of ten cities that you should visit in America. They all have different things to offer. Some of them are glitzier than others and some of them should just be visited because of there beauty and charm. In my opionon both Pensacola and Portland have the most diverse amount of things to go visit, and see.