The Best Create Your Own Moving Picture Tools On The Web That Are Free

Published: March 19, 2014

Do you want to create animations or gif images? Moving pictures are a lot of fun to construct from your own pictures, from your imagination or from supplied graphics. There are believe it or not absolutely free options available on the web you can play with to your heart's content. See below for some examples. 

  1. Make Your Own GIF

    Make A Gif is a free animation making tool that uses your very own video recordings to make these images. You could also choose multiple pictures to create you Gif images. Your creative options are practically endless. Full instructions and special tips are explained throughout the webpages of this site. You can also enjoy browsing featured Gifs already created by budding artists just like yourself.

  2. Create Your Own Stick Man Hangman Cartoon

    Draw a Stick Man website supplies you with a savable format after you create your stickman story. In the original version there is a story taking place with a fire breathing dragon, while you add a character, a stick man, yourself and portray this stick figure any way you choose to let him conquer the beast, unlock the treasure chest and survive the flood. This is a very cute freebie to play with. You can submit your version at the end also. Two new versions have been added for your further delight.

  3. Devolver Movie Maker

    A great way to create your own animations. Select backgrounds, enactment themes, role playing characters and other components to create an animated story for free. You add the captions as you go from page one to the end thereby creating the story line of your choosing. Colorful graphics are irresistable. The movies are yours for free.

Probably the best item from the above is the Make A GIF app. You have the freedom of creating from your very own videos and choosing exactly where you want your GIFs to begin and end. You will be delighted to use this tool. The next too animating tools won't let you down either, each one a delight.