Top 10 Activities for a Great Family Night

Published: March 19, 2014

Planning a family-fun night at least twice a month not only brings you closer together, it reduces personal and family stress making all of you as healthier as you are happier with each successful romp!

  1. Board Games

    An obvious choice for any family fun night you can select several games as a family or play one game several times! Remember to emphasize that it's having fun and learning that's the reason for playing the game, not winning because if you've enjoyed yourself, you've already won!

  2. Jigsaw Puzzles

    While these can get a little confusing depending on size and complexity, it's best to get a medium-sized puzzle with a moderate amount of pieces. To make it interesting, divide the pieces into several dishes or cups, one for each member of the family so that they get to have their part to complete which is also a part of someone else's! 

  3. Charades


    Who hasn't loved this classic? It's always a stitch and gives kids a chance to get up and be active, letting off that last bit of energy in the evening!

  4. Sponge Wars!

    Purchase a large amount of soft dish sponges or household sponges of either two colours or a variety of colours (as long as they can be divided for teams). Now, select a fortress wall (the couch is best, just scoot it away from the wall and turn it so that throwing the sponges even soft won't hit the televisiion or delcate objects). Divide the family into teams and choose a side of the fortress and a clour or colours of sponges for your team. Now, unleash sponges! Throw as many sponges at theother team trying to hit them, but not above the shoulders! In this game everyone wins, kids get to throw things, and again some last minute energy is expended!

  5. 20 Questions (with or without card/board game set)


    Whether or not you have the store-bought version of this game, it can be played easily. Yes or No questions only, a yes means continuing with your turn, and the categories are animal, mineral, or vegetable. This family favorite is a great way to teach kids how you and the rest of the family think in terms of categories and describing things by separate features.

  6. Circle of Narration: Movies


    Gather your family in a circle. Start narrating the entire plot and actions in a movie by every person giving one sentence each to tell the story of the movie. This is a fun way to show off sound effects and impressions with family members!

  7. Card Games


    Whether its games with regular cards or a game like Uno, Phase 10, or Skip-Bo, this is another instance where the family can choose several or play one a couple times over emphasizing that having fun is the point of the game and that's the real way to win!

  8. The MST3K Experience!


    Like family movie night, pop some popcorn and get some sparkly water (Schweppe's has wonderfully no sodium or sugar flavored water in cherry, lemon, and lime) that's better than soda, and prepare for a viewing experience like no other. Whether it's a good film you enjoy or an old Kaiju (Godzilla-Monster) movie, the way this works is that you turn down the volume to where it can be heard, but not very loudly. Now, take turns making jokes about what's happening or replace some fo the dialogue to be funy! This exercise is not for every family, but when your group can enjoy this it shows a lot of creativity and ability to let go and have fun with just about everything! 

  9. Puppet Theatre Time! (Sock and Shadow Puppets)

    Shadow puppets with the hands are some of the oldest forms of entertainment in the world. You can also use cut-outs called silhouettes on sticks and behind a sheet. Making your own silhouettes is another great way for a shadow puppet story to become something spectacular!


    Sock puppets can even be used to act out your favorite story, movie, or a funny joke with specific character puppets. Making their costumes and accessories is easy and encourages a lot of creativity for everyone involved!


  10. International or Celbrate-a-Nation Night

    This activity includes dinner as well which is always great! Pick a country on the globe together as a family and assign every person a simple recipe to make, look up a specific group of facts to share, and possibly create drawings to showcase some special part of the culture of the country. This is enjoyable and educational and makes an even better experiene if as a family you learn how to say the words 'yes', 'no', 'please', 'thank you', and counting to 10!


After all the fun is wound down for the evening, you should always complete the nighttime/bedtime routine and, if you've done your job well enough, everyone will be tuckered out enough to be tucked in and sleeping in no time!