The Best Little Places in Downtown Benton, Kentucky

Published: March 18, 2014

Just because you live in a small town doesn't mean that you can't have culture and richness. Try a restaurant, a jewelry store and a gift shop or two for creating a quiet little stroll down the city streets of a town that once bustled with drug counters, a haberdashery and several barbers.

  1. Cafe Chas

    Cafe Chas serves sandwiches, wraps, desserts and specialty coffee like Southern Pecan coffee, iced coffee or Chai Tea in a nice location in town next to the large jeweler, Puckett's Jewelry. Wrap sandwiches include Jamaican roast beef, turkey, bacon and Swiss or club among others. There are also panini sandwiches, an Italian type of pressed sandwich and hot sandwiches like those made from croissants or hot pimento cheese. You will enjoy the French Euro flavor to the Cafe Chas. Find Cafe Chas at 1012 Main Street. They are open every day but Sunday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m..

  2. Puckett's Jewelry

    A beautiful jewelry store perfect for fine gifts for weddings or bridal showers and other special occasions, Puckett's has been on this city block for over forty years. Two trained jewelers size, polish, re-set and adjust all of your fine jewelry whether you already own it or are purchasing it for the first time from them. They are located at 1012 Main Street right next to the previous business. They are open every day except Sunday. Their email is: Their phone number is 1-270-527-3040.

  3. That Cute Little Shop in Benton

    Fashion, boutique appeal and experienced owner/managers add up to a favorite place for ladies to go for a shopping splurge. Quality merchandise at a fair price with options like lay-a-way help make if affordable even if your budget is modest. They sell accessories plus gifts, also. The phone number for this shop is 1-270-906-2352, they are even open Sundays from 1 to 5 p.m. in the afternoon!

  4. Polka Dots and Paislees

    Polk A Dots and Paislees, a cheerful, light hearted atmosphere waits for you at this shop. You will be enticed and eager to walk through its doors to see what they have in store. This business is located on 200 Main St., a little further out of town on the North Side, yet, you won't want to miss it. It has been operating for four years for the point of bringing pleasure to those looking for gifts, souvenirs and other novelties. They also sell handmade children's clothes. Their phone number is 1-270-527-8115.

  5. Piece of Mind Quilting and Crafts

    Finding a craft supply store where there are qualified clerks that know how to guide you is not an easy venture. At Piece of Mind Quilting and Crafts in downtown, Benton, Kentucky, although your problem is solved. You will find this business at 1209 Poplar St. which is the next street over from Main Street. There are items for rug making, fabrics, sewing notions and items crafted by local artisans for sale that you will love for their novelty design and country flare. This business offers classes in these arts also. The phone number is 1-270-527-2487.

Sometimes you want to escape to another time just a little bit. Without going to an amusement park or other various parks or an expensive restaurant, it seems there aren't many options anymore. Some small towns have successfully renovated themselves, after the big changeover of the 80s or 90s to shopping centers and supercenters, into little shops and such that are just right for a getaway excursion out of the rat race. 'The Best Little' place to go in Downtown Benton has to be number one because we all get hungry and the food is very good. Although it is highly likely that you will want to visit them all.