Top 10 Gifts For the Best Baby Shower

Published: March 18, 2014


A bundle of joy is on their way and now it's time to shower the mother to be (and the father to be or siblings, it's always good of the family is there to involve them and have a sense of unity)! Once you and your fellow 'party planners' have decided on a theme, menu, and started to put everything together it's time to start getting the gifts to shower on the mother and child! Even if the mother is registered at a specific location, some of the items listed below are bound to be on it. If the mother isn't registered anywhere or if the registry is picked clean, then you have a more difficult task to make. Before choosing a gift, know the gender (perhaps name if that's been decided), and theme of the nursery. After all of that is in your head, you're ready to get one of the following 10 best Baby Shower gifts:

  1. Layette Sets

    A good layette set is a must for a new mom or a new addition to a family with children already. Most of these sets are gender-based or themed with things like jungle animals, clouds and the stars, franchise characters and so on. This is why knowing the theme of the nursery is so important.


    While personalized sets are quite a bit more expensive (especially if they're hand-made or assembled, organic cotton, or an expensive franchise theme as well), seeing a personlized set makes an already glowing mother to be beam brighter, but simply acknowledging either the gender or nursery colours is also enough to make her squeal with delight.


    Since these gifts are primarily for practicality (even the fluffy ones), don't get too hung up on themes and personaliation, but do bear the gender in mind (or simply go with a tasteful unisex set). After all, these showers are primarily meant to take part of the burden of the expenses of comfortably raising a baby in the first few months just a little easier and much more enjoyabl! 

  2. Blanket Sets/Coverlets

    Babies need to be kept warm and snugly comfortable in the arms of their parents or lying in their beds which means blankets. Again, going with the nursery theme, the baby's gender, or personalization are great options for specific blankets, but remember that babies are also notorious for their spitting up and therefore a few extra blankets regardless of theme or personalization are always welcome. Some corporations make multiple packs of blankets like Gerber shown here.

  3. Bath Sets


    Like everything else, consider the gender and nursery colours, but do not count on lotions, soaps, and oils being in the set, but towels, caps, and washcloths instead. The inclusion of lotions and soaps can be given as well, but it is best to avoid them because of allergies and let the parents decide what's best for baby's skin.


  4. Diaper Caddy

      This is one gift that can just toss aside themes and genders; its purpose is to let the parents know how many diapers they have to work with and having easy access to them in a neat and tasteful looking holder instead of open plastic bags. This also helps parents keep track of when to buy more diapers and how often their little one is going through them!

  5. Crib Sheets


    What's a bed without sheets? The expectant mother will love having lots of these on hand to change the sheets as often as needed so buying bulk sets regardless of colours or patterns is easily done.

  6. Bottle Sets


    The set pictured here is a state of the art set of bottles, brushes, nipples, and a sterlizer of its very own. While it's difficult to get that elaborate on your budget if you're like many Americans, it's well worth it. But getting glass bottle sets, where you can find them, is similarly more sanitary and easily sterlized than plastic which has already been linked to negative issues like BPA and expectant parents will be very alert about such things!

  7. Baby's First Book/Baby Scrapbook


    In the end, memories are all we have and all that matter. While online photo albums and slide shows are nice, the baby's firsts and scrapbooks are tangible which is more precious and can include locks of hair, the band on the arm from the hospital, foot and hand prints, and so much more!

  8. Gift Cards


    Making the decisions on diapers themselves, lotions, soaps, oils, and even the concept of a breast pump are very personal and best made by the parents. How do you meet this need with a wondeful gift? Gift cards, of course! The best ones are from stores like Wal-Mart, Baby's R Us, and other department stores.

  9. Children's Book Sets (Specifically Dr. Seuss, Beatrix Potter, and Golden Books)


    Plan on reading to your baby as soon as possible! Not only does this help establish a night routine, it helps establish a deep love of words, communicating, and reading. The best choices are Dr. Seuss, The Works of Beatrix Potter, Golden Books, The Paddington Bear Stories, and the Serendipity Book Series by Stephen Cosgrove.

    It's never too early to start the family library and have it include these children's books just as much for adult enjoyment as the childrens'. By keeping hordes of books on hand and adding to the collections, you'll add more and more opportunities for growth and imagination as well as bonding!

  10. Baby Einstein DVDs or Baby's Classical Music CDs


    Yes, there is some controversy surrounding these video series that are meant to entertain and educate the very young, but the lawsuits filed have all proven that the parents who sued were not actively watching and interacting with their children during the viewing which even the labels assert is the only way to truly benefit from them. My gifted grandchildren who knew sign language before speaking, knew the alphabets in 3 languages as well as English, and had a deep preference and appreciation for classical music as well are proof that when the parents are involved that is what makes the difference and fulfills the purpose. As for the classical music CDs, these are as much for the parents as they are for the baby. It's debatable whethr or not classical music automatically makes a baby smarter, but it is certainly something to soothe and inspire which is more important than having genius level IQ. Says who? Albert Einstein himself said it!

There are plenty of guides online about Baby Shower Ettiquette including how close to get to the expectant mother and whether or not it's alright to feel for the baby kicking or moving during the party. Once your friends have organized the decorations and menu, then you get a great gift, the party is set to be a pure delight and perfect success for mother, baby, and the whole crowd of caring friends who will act as aunts and other loving figures in the child's life. After all, it takes a village to raise a child, but thankfully, it doesn't take but one person to pick out the perfect gift!