The Best Painters in the Western Kentucky Area

Published: March 18, 2014

Sometimes you will become interested in real art especially that done at the hands of a local artist. Art like this makes a superb focal point in your home. Sometimes you are looking for a serious art work for your place of business or other public location as well. Local artists can be very talented and cost far less than famous works from long ago without being a disappointment to behold at all.

  1. Joy Thomas

    Joy Thomas is a specialized artist from the Murray, Kentucky area of Lynn Grove. She enjoys painting prominent people portraits, especially from her area of Kentucky. Joy is an award winning artist who has won a host of awards including one from a publication known as Artists Magazine, the award was the "Best Painting of 2000 Award."

  2. Murray Art Guild

    The Murray Art Guild is a cornucopia of artist dedicated to enriching people's minds and souls through art expression. The market is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.. They are found at 500 N. 4th St. in Murray.

    To email them send correspondence to: to reach Debi Danielson who is the executive director of the Guild.

  3. Marshall County Arts Commission

    Marshall County Arts Commission has several programs to offer its members. Events that are ongoing at the center are the October Marshall County Showcase of the Arts and the November Recognition of Outstanding Artist, Education and Citizen that involve local painters. The artists are showcased in the Kenneth Shadowen Performing Arts Center at the Marshall County High School at 416 High School Road. To inquire about what is available from the Arts Commission the President Valerie Brooks is available by email at: 



When you want a taste of artistic skill, look around your neighborhood. Most towns or communities have a network for local artists and even a few local talents who have become established artists. The best painter is Joy Thomas as she has made her name known in the community and elsewhere, while still remaining in the area. The community guilds and art commissions remain to be very nice opportunities for acquainting you with local talents.