The Best Things to Help Baby Sleep on there own in there room

Published: March 18, 2014

Getting your baby used to sleeping in a crib in there own room can be a hassle sometimes. Especially if you have allowed them to get comfortable sleeping with you or in your room. This is a list of items that can make the transition from sleeping with you to sleeping on there own a little easier for your little one, making it easier on you as well. 

  1. Sound Machines

    Sound machines are a popular item for babies room. They range in prices and abilities. Something about having rain falling, or the heartbeat playing helps soothe baby and makes the transition into there own room just a little bit easier on them. There are many different brands to choose from, and if you don't want to go out and buy a sound machine you can always make a cd of nosies and play them with a cd player. 

  2. Swaddling Blankets

    This is especially true for smaller babies, they will wake themself up thrashing and kicking there blankets off, therefor stressing themselves out because they are unable to fall asleep. Wrapping them in a swaddling blanket will prevent this, give them a sense of security and help them sleep in there own bed and room by themselves. 

  3. Security Blanket or Stuffed Animal

    This is truer with older infants and toddlers. If they have a blanket or stuffed animal that they carry around with them at all times, or that has become there favorite, let them have it in there crib or bed with them. It's something familiar that will make the transition a little easier. 

This was a list of three things that make transitioning your baby or toddler into a bed of there own in there own room. The best item on the list in my personal opnion is the sound machine. Sounds often soothe babies, and when a change is happening in there little lives, it can help make it a little easier.