Top 10 Robert Downey Jr. Performances

Published: March 18, 2014

As he stated in one of his most famous roles "Is there any more fitting a metaphor for a Pheonix born again from the ashes?!" No, no there is not. With his ups and downs, Robert Downey Jr. crashed hard during the early 2000's only to pick himself back up, dust himself off, and become a literal and literary hero! Here are the top 10 roles that this inspiring gentleman has portrayed:

  1. Tony Stark/Iron Man

    Definitely his most famous role, this billionaire, genius, playboy, philanthropist, and superhero who has flown a nuclear warhead into another dimension seems to be less of an act and more of a fine-tuned performance of Robert himself! With a lot of on-the-spot changes made to scripts by the actor that worked so well many days he was simply asked to interact, is it any wonder why keep wanting to just call him Mr. Stark all the time? 

  2. Sherlock Holmes

    It is rare and difficult for an American to portray a British character, but add to that the fact that this national treasure of Britain won the affection of its beloved Queen Victoria and you have a daunting task on your hands. So how did Robert pull it off so easily and with such believable swagger? Elementary, my friend.

  3. Kirk Lazarus (Tropic Thunder)

    An American actor in a movie where he portrays an Australian method-actor who is portraying a war-hardened black special operations' officer . . . in other words he's the dude playing the dude who's playing the other dude. This role was as hilarious as it was poignant with some one-liners that we will never EVER forget (and some Oscar advice for actors who take on 'special' roles)!

  4. Peter Wright (Only You)

    Ah, Mr. Right; he's what every hopeless romantic hopes to find. So what makes Peter Wright THE Mr. Right? Because rather than the woman falling for him, he experiences love at first sight and pursues (at great lengths) without hesitation. Forget the good looks and beautiful voice (and respect for the Romani in Italy), Robert's portrayal here made us believe in 'destino' and the stars again!

  5. Charlie Chaplin

    This role was so masterfully done it got the actor an Oscar nod, but not a win. Charlie Chaplin was an American comedic icon and Robert brought his life to the screen in ways and angles no one expected and practically everyone loved.

  6. Peter Highman (Due Date)

    Can anyone else actually make punching a little boy in the stomach something that makes even parents of small children roll with laughter? Probably not, but Robert managed to do it and have one of the wackiest road comedies ever with co-star Galifinakis . . . and his dad's ashes.

  7. Thomas Reilly (Heart and Souls)

    A lesser known, but oh so touching role, Robert has amazing sequences where he must mimic the behaviors, accents, and mannerisms of his ghostly cohorts! The most memorable scene in the film? Why him belting out the National Anthem, of course!

  8. Jack Jericho (The Pick-up Artist)

    Say 'no' to that face, I dare you. Now, watch the film and try even harder to say no to this smooth, fairly shallow seeming, but heartfelt role! Was there ever a time in his life when he didn't have 'the smolder' look on his face? Even his baby pictures show a lady-killer in the making!

  9. Patrick Pewterschmidt/The Fat-Guy Strangler (Family Guy)

    You know you mean something to the United States when you get a guest spot on Family Guy. Robert got his as Lois' estranged brother, Patrick Pewterschmidt, who had been put away in a mental institution. When Lois discovers this, she brings him and his imaginary wife home to live with them only to find out that Patrick has a dark secret . . . and no, it's not that he's a gigolo.

  10. Larry Paul (Ally MacBeal)

    While I didn't watch a lot of this show, I remember his dialogue as being absolutely amazing (not to mention the adorable face and incredible voice that accompanied them). Always smartly dressed and always smarting off, Larry Paul was one of Robert's last roles before his real rise to fame! 

I think it's clear to the world that Robert Downey Jr. (or, let's face it, he's Tony Stark as well) is one of the most amazingly talented actors and celebrities in existence if not the greatest human being to experience all of the ins, outs, good, and bad of the Hollywood world and still come out on top as a hero both in costume and in the arms of his wife and children. We look forward to what comes next from you sir . . . kudos!