5 Reasons to Role-Play with Kids or Friends

Published: March 18, 2014

When most people think of role=playing, either an online game, an intimate game, or something like this:


pops into their minds right away. Actually, verbal role-pay has been a vital part of our world for a long time! Early police (and even mdern police) use the method to 'get into the criminal's mind' or recreate an incident. Counselors encourage parents to role-play life situations with their kids to prepare them for what lies in store and empower them with the right answers, the also encourage couples and families to role-play as a bonding exercise and coping mechanism. No matter your age or the group your with, role-play verbally (dice and figures aren't needed for every type of role play) empowers and encourages creativity and so much more! Here's how and why:

  1. It Allows A Level of Personal Freedom without Fear of Rejection

    Whether you're taking on the role of someone else or portraying a version of you, that character is in a world of infinite possibilities with more control than any person on earth has! Without having to face a huge crowd of other opinions from real people, a person can develop a sense of empowerment and confidence role-playing, and that's especially true for children whose parents use it as training to make the right choices!

  2. A Multiple-Angle Look at Life Situations

    Dice are used in D&D because certain numbers equivocate an outcome from a number of outcomes. By thinking in terms of the number of outcomes all at once, we train ourselves to think about the consequences of our actions in a more realistic and practical way . . . even if it is in a world of make-beleive!

  3. It Gives a Sense of Empowerment with the Automatic Upperhand

    The first segment talked about empowerment through freedom, but here the empowerment comes from being the 'main character' in a story that's unfolding, which is essentialy what your life is. Once you embrace your own skills, talents, and abilities in a make-believe world without reservation, it is much easier to feel as though you can use your own personal skills, taleknts, and abilities in necessary situations in real-life which not only shapes leaders and heroes, it also shapes great communities, too!

  4. The Analytical Brain Components Get More Exercise Leading to Better Critical Thinking and Sleep

    Remember that your brain needs to have a certain amount of analytical activity/exercise in order to wind down and sleep properly. Most parents have done this for centuries with bedtime stories, which is still the best idea for night time, but an intermittent way is also exercising creativity and boosting emotional well-being with a good bout of role-play! Not only is this true for sleep, but imagine what having to through all those motions and choices will do for your critical thinking skills. The multiple-angle perspective already boosts your awareness of the future and consequences, what better makings is there for a problem solver than someone who's thinking ahead?

  5. It Creates a Bonding Experience Like No Other

    A combination of board games, card games, and heart to heart talks, role-playing offers groups of people (including parents and children) the opportunity to see into another person's psyche and interact with it on a deep and meaningful level with restrictions removed because the arena is 'imaginary'. Psychologists have used, continue to use, and recommend forms of role-playing for a variety of reasons and when the medical community is behind something, it's good for a number of reasons already!

Like books and avid reading, role-play is an exercise of the mind that leads to infinite possibilities, great experiences as a group, and fine-tuning life skills without restrictions or restraints!

As difficult as many situations in life may be, and as wondrous as every road has the potential to be, role-playing prepares us to make the choices and take the chances that lead us to an amazing adventure that is our one and only life!