5 Reasons to See Your Doctor Now (Even if You Aren't Sick)

Published: March 18, 2014

You lose 5 pounds overnight. You find yourself urinating every 2 hours or not having any bowel movements for 2 days. You just haven't been able to sleep or stop coughing every now and then for more than a week!

These things are issues that people usually shrug off and try to get on with their lives being busy and not wanting to find out something is wrong or simply not wanting to be a bother. The truth is, there are reasons to alert your physician when small things crop up and the more body aware you are, the more likely you are to notice them and analyze the situation. Until then, though, here are 5 reasons to see your doctor even if you're not terribly sick:

  1. Unexplained Pain or Pains

    Many people shrug off pain as just a part of life, but it shouldn't be. Pain is a big, red flag from the body and it's trying to send a signal that you might not be able to translate without some expert advice. Unexplained pains can be caused by things as mild as blockages, soft tissue damage over time, a poor mattress, or even as serious as arthritis, allergies, and cancer. In any case, the condition needs to be treated. Pain should never be taken lightly and physicians who do are a disgrace to their profession and Hippocrates. If your physician shrugs off unexplained pain, find someone who will take it seriously because your body clear is taking it seriously.

  2. Sudden Change in Weight with No Other Lifestyle Changes

    Whether you've suddenly gained weight or suddenly lost it without dieting or exercise, there is no cause for weeping or celebrating . . . there is cause for concern.

    While a lot of people associate a sudden drop in weight to cancer, this is actually an early sign of Diabetes which can be caught if the signs are paid attention to. What's more irritating is that this applies to both gaining or losing weight. Gaining sudden weight could also imply thyroid malfunction of some sort and definitely needs a doctor's expertise!

  3. Sudden Changes in Waste Output (Urine or Excrement)

    Whether it's urine or stool, the colour or texture, the frequency or lack thereof, you should be consistent and know about what foods or activities change them (do some research, no matter how icky, and get informed). But when you suddenly start going to the bathroom more frequently for either or stop either, it's time to call in the professionals.

    Cancers, organ malfunction, blockages, and growths as well as infections and things like kidney stones can be the underlying cause of what seems like something t just try and let it take care of itself. Be most body aware about this as it is a huge part of your health and is one of the earliest signs of disease in many people. Even Diabetes has early signs in frequent urination!

  4. Trouble Sleeping or Winding Down (persistently)

    You've had bouts of sleelessness or restlessness in the past and they've gone away. Why are they lasting for days or weeks now?! This is one of the most frustrating and under-addressed issues with patients (properly) who usually just swallow a pill and try to sleep, but with professional examination, you might be able to combat a bigger enemy . . . 

    Insomnia is more than a condition, it is also a symptom. Intermittent insomnia or restless thoughts are perfectly normal, but when they start to persist they interrupt your life and may be a sign that you aren't coping with an emotional or psychological issue, have a vitamin or mineral imbalance, or just aren't doing what you need to keep your sleep hygiene and personal life in balance. Either way, sleep deprivation leads to all sorts of other complications including obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, dehydration, and nerve damages as well as emotional problems. Nipping this one in the bud with a gardener who's had at least 7 years of medical school is the best possible answer!

  5. Ongoing (Chronic) Small Symptoms that Won't Stop

    Coughing, sneezing, aching, congestion, rashes, and even tremors can pop up out of nowhere and instantly disappear. They can also linger without any other symptoms present for weeks or months; now it's time to call a doctor!

    Believe it or not, persistent small symptoms that occur alone may not be occuring alone, you just might not be aware of the other things going along with it, but your doctor will know the right questions to reveal what's really going down. Sometimes the answer is as simple as a food or environmental allergy, but persistant coughs have also been shown to be a result of Gastro-Esophogeal Reflux Disease which can lead to ulcers and most painfully, throat cancer. Persistent congestion could imply the presence of polyps or growths or even an unnoticed blockage or fracture in one of the many tiny sinuses in your skull. Whatever the case, even small symptoms that last for more than a week deserve a doctor's attention!

You will not lose as much time and money trying to wait out issues like these as you will if you ignore them and allow them to become something bigger. You are not a bother or irritation to your physician (or family and real friends) when you come in with even small issues.


Sometimes we forget that there is a natural order and balance to our personal existence and that when that balance is lost, oftentimes it is because we have allowed something to get out of our control or something in our environment beyond our control is affecting us. In these cases, no matter how small the matter or how much you're convinced it will just go away, always err on the side of caution . . . that's what doctors are there for and that's where real healthcare reform begins, patients being aware and proactive!