Top 3 Wilco Albums

Published: March 18, 2014

The music of Wilco has been evolving since their debut album AM. Here is a top 3 list of there best albums!

  1. Being There

    Maybe a controversial choice, this album just feels so damned good to listen to from start to finish and also marked a turning point in there traditional alt-country sound to something more expansive and indi rock.

  2. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

    If Being There Marked a turning point in their sound, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot blew the lid off. With songs featuring "found sounds" major insanely dynamic chord changes and some of the catchiest stuff they've ever wrotten, this alnum is a must have for any Wilco fan.


  3. A Ghost is Born

    A ghost is Born cemented wilco as one of the best indi rock bands of their generation. Even with a track full of distortion, this album is a joy to listen to!

These ar ejust the tip of the iceberg of Wilco's grand cataog of music.